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  1. Ok so this is really great. I was popping over here to read something cool like this so I'm really grateful you put this awesome set together! What a cool idea. It's so good, I feel like I need to talk about every team so here I go... (sorry for the novel...) Toronto Defiant Cool to see something unique in Toronto! The striping almost feels like a bunch of razorblades stacked end-to-end... which is really awesome. Maybe match that on the waist stripe too? Would be cool to see the arm numbers on either side of the arm-stripe a-la some NFL teams. Guangzhou Charge Charge look great - and would be a cool set for the Lightning too! I feel like the arm stripes could have more aggressive angles to give more of that 'bolt' feel (without going too far) - but I really appreciate your moderation too! Overall great set. Maybe a bit more of that (aqua?) blue to bring more 'electricity'? Washington Justice Yeah these are great. Maybe the stars could be a bit smaller? Great work I really like these! Hangzhou Spark These are straight-up fantastic. I like the update with matching arms, but like the wordmark-less crest a little better. Such a fun palette and restraint was a good call! LA Gladiators This looks great and the update looks even better. It's a varsity feel that I think works really well with their crest. LA Valiant I love all of this. I'd like the away more if the chest logo was blue, and maybe thicken the tiny stroke on the arms and waist. But this is a really cool look for a clever logo and awesome palette. If I was picking teams I might be an LA fan for that home set Dallas Fuel I like it! I agree the 'Fuel' on the arms look out of place, but it looks great without them. What if the flames were a feature inside the arm-strokes opposed to on-top? Paris Eternal The is so weird I like it. Striping picks up some vibes from the logo which is cool. Can't say that I ever like numbers on the front, but it does add some interest to the chest panel. Waist striping could help, but with the red pants I kinda like the blocking this creates. On the home jersey I'd drop some white behind the strokes to bring in the colour as you did on the white version and see how that looks. Overall though I really like it. I've stared at this a while! Boston Uprising I'm mixed! I like it, but it also feels too busy? Pretty much anything I've tried thinking about is just turfing creativity Chengdu Hunters I like what you did here! Houston Outlaws Yeah these look awesome. Bit of a practical design bit here, but the numbers in the stars will be small or the star will have to be super large to work - but I love the idea. What if the star was smaller and sat under the numbers? Seoul Dynasty That’s a good looking dark team! I think it looks better without the wordmark myself. For such a black-heavy primary, I’d maybe try bringing a bit more black (something I rarely say…) into the design. Maybe on the waist extend the black all the way and enlarge the black cuffs a bit? Would be interesting to see how that arm stripe works with arm numbers London Spitfire I think I like the original better, but I do like the nameplate update and the waist stripe. I don't know why, but I really liked the original design for aviation. For something a bit more unique, what if you squared off the yoke as you did in the update, but matched it with the swooping arms like the original? Thinking of the London Bridge as an inspiration there. Vancouver Titans Great looking set from a good roadmap! The logo feels flat though on the home jersey, but a white keyline should help. On the white I'm not in love with the typography of 'Vancouver'. I like what you did there with the striping! I'd make that white stroke on the arms a bit thicker (on the away too). Philadelphia Fusion I like what you did on the arms here quite a bit. I think he circle would be large but look pretty darn good. I'm on the fence about the arms being different as I can see why you did it to carry the stroke... which is cool! I'd taper the stroke a bit like the Ducks to match the logo, but these look sharp! Big big big fan of those pants I don't know anything about them besides what you wrote... but go Valiant. Those are beauts
  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo Looking forward to some sweet O'Rangers - this is a great idea! The addition of blue numbers to the Wisps looks great. That's a solid design and very fitting of the Wisps I'm really digging the racing pattern RR so far. Around the arms you'll lose most of the detail under the arms so a bit of a shift would help but it's a great choice. I'd look for a bit of a different font for the captaincy, but the number font looks like a decent fit for RR. They absolutely need red-yoke jerseys though I think a bit of a flat and simple look will fit RR better though. So what if we dropped the strokes around the numbers & captaincy and ditched the black framing strokes around the waist & arm striping?
  3. Was B, but the update nailed it
  4. I think these look great. I like giving the Bengal-stripe some framing and purpose here - it gives a classic look to a design that can look tacky sometimes The numbers stood out to me too but mainly for giving Browns vibes. I think it's a great look, but differentiating themselves would be a big part of a good Bengal's design. Without the helmet, the Bengal stripes are less dominant (I think for the better) so on a fan it could be too close for comfort! I think that orange offset-outline will bring it back to a good Bengals look, but I can see that being a dominant orange (not too bad a thing). But increasing the thickness of the white strokes bordering the Bengal-stripe could help give you the balance you're looking for
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