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  1. Probably could command a bit more from another source than with New Balance. I suspect it'll be either Adidas or Nike for them.
  2. Oregon is breaking out new black and gray uniforms against Arizona today. Not the biggest fan.
  3. Full custom rosters for NCAA Football 14 still happen because it's crowdsourced among groups of people who work on individual teams or entire conferences. With how many fanatic college football fans there are, there's likely going to be several complete FBS rosters done solely by one individual.
  4. At least one team knew to wear their school colors.
  5. I bet they could find space another one.
  6. Had a strong feeling that ISU would go with their all-black uniforms again.
  7. Figures that UCLA would head towards Nike but didn't exactly see Jordan Brand also partnering with them. I always thought that Arizona (with their BB) or USC (with their FB) would be the Pac-12 schools that scored the JB deal.
  8. Should definitely brighten up what could be a cold, cloudy day in the PNW.
  9. Pretty soon the only school with an Under Armour deal will be Maryland.
  10. Most teams actually got pretty creative with their retro choices but you can tell the lazy ones are those that chose gray jerseys or made such minimal changes that you wouldn't notice the difference.
  11. Hopefully they can find a way to reschedule the Eugene trip for the Buckeyes. Going to be tough with the way future schedules shake out for both teams.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if they end up having two black and two white uniforms as well as it'd fit the pattern of one having "Oregon" on it and the other having "Fighting Ducks."
  13. Oregon has updated their player photos on their roster page and you can see a hint of their new white jersey, which is consistent with the black and green versions shown so far.
  14. Really think they should have used the black jersey as the main template and ended up with the jagged pinstripes on all the jerseys instead of just the one.
  15. I'm definitely going to miss the wings on the shorts. They sure make a whole lot more sense for them than the Tall Firs design.
  16. Nice alternate looks for Georgia. Didn't think much of the black jersey when we thought it was a fan jersey but it's a fun look when paired with the full uniform. I'm digging the throwbacks with red pants.
  17. So it's going to take up to 16-18 months to get a new name and brand identity? If they take that full amount of time, the team will have to play in their now-current generic form for 2 entire seasons. I can only imagine the drop in merchandise sales if they take that long to complete the rebrand. A competent team would be able to get something done in under 12 months but I guess a team as broken as Washington needs that full estimate.
  18. This set is basically a pair of silver or white pants and another sock option away from being great. I'm just glad they got rid of the side panels and piping that made the previous set look really dated. If they can introduce a white helmet with the proposed rule change, adding a red jersey would make this a great set.
  19. Nice reversion/update to their classic uniforms. Still think they need to add orange pants and/or jerseys to complete the look. Wish they'd go with something other than an all-brown color rush uniform.
  20. Nike and Tampa finally realized they should never have gotten rid of their Super Bowl uniforms. It was the perfect look for them and only needed to do a couple tweaks to keep up-to-date. The new ones are exactly what should have been done instead of the abominations they wore the past few years.
  21. Love the color scheme but got major issues with the logos. I don't care for the gradient usage on either logo. The LA wordmark still looks as if the Chargers and Rams combined their franchises. Plus, seeing the ram horn go over the top makes it look like the St. Louis Arch instead an actual ram horn. As for the ram head logo, it's the best of the two but that isn't really saying much since both aren't all that great. The new ram logo is too simplistic, especially coming off of the previous one. The previous charging ram logo was much better and could easily have been updated so it went with their new wordmark logo. Really hoping that the uniform set helps salvage this rebrand.
  22. It's not a nickname; it's the actual job title for elite wildland firefighters who are assigned to the hottest, most active parts of forest fires.