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  1. The current Suns set is the worst its been. Awful all around. Most likely the worst set in the NBA
  2. This and make the NOB blue as well. This would be a fantastic alternate
  3. Either embrace the black outlines or lose it. Black outlined numbers ruin the flow of the jersey without any other black elements. The New York wordmark needs to be a tad bit smaller too.
  4. So does the Defender logo have four teeth on top and on bottom? The perspective is weird if its supposed to be just a side head.
  5. Has the same issue like the Grizzlies's wordmark. Way too small.
  6. I can go either way with the Heat's identity. I love their current set and colors, but can move away from them for the Vice theme.
  7. The execution of the redesign is horrible. I like the idea of playing into the neon motif of Miami's nightlife, but as mentioned, there needs to be more to putting vibrant colors on black backgrounds. The Miami Heat cap above my post is a good starting point to mimic that neon lights motif. I just don't know how it would be perceived overall in the branding though. I like it as a gimmick for sure.
  8. I wonder if generic is the wrong term. Maybe common would be the right term. Like a Red/White/Blue color scheme can be considered common across all sports. Sixers may have designed a better identity off those colors than say the Pistons.
  9. Could be a color balance issue? Like they can't go red or white stripe because those colors are being used for the number and number outline.
  10. Reminds me of the Wizard's old alternates. It's a good trio of colors
  11. Warriors managed to make a bad logo worse with this update.
  12. not a fan of the mesh vent side but I understand why they are using it.
  13. Color mismatch with wordmarks and numbers on jerseys. It's a serious eye sore at times. White outlining Yellow numbers and wordmarks really bug me too. Especially on small size lettering. I think it makes it illegible and messy. For example, the current Pacer's jerseys.
  14. Hey at least the Dolphins made the Orange more... Oranger? Too bad the aqua looks bland.
  15. Even in a caricature sketch, those jersey are awful.