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  1. i don't understand the Boston hashtag
  2. I can't get over how good that spring training cap looks.
  3. I'm loving the Mariners spring training cap. The "M" logo works way better than the "S". The serifs on the "M" protrude parallel to the West to East portion of the compass which makes it pleasing to the eye.
  4. These jerseys are alright. Initially I disliked the current set when they revealed it, but it's a real nice set and better than the previous. DLo makes it look real nice. Phoenix Suns previous purple jerseys were great. Their previous white set needed to replace the black with purple and brighten the orange. Now they look like an absolute mess. I guess symbolic to how they are currently playing
  5. Super thick lines with a static, angry, animal forced with bear claw marks. Should have been executed better. I like Brandiose's work but the entire identity is underwhelming.
  6. ATL and Birmingham are my favorites, but man oh man, the league looks like a mess on the field.
  7. The team will most likely oversee what Nike will tweak here and there. It's like that for both the NFL and NBA.
  8. Your second interpretation is what I meant. Nike's track record of creating outlandish jersey designs makes me think that the Turn Ahead the Clock jerseys can serve as a reference for any future redesigns.
  9. Looks like the Turn Ahead the Clock jerseys will be a thing for the foreseeable future.
  10. It's really odd that they chose to raise the fish in the hat. They shouldn't raise the black at all. Raise the outlines to give it the neon light look they were aiming for in the first place with this rebrand.
  11. While I agree that a new park is a waste of time, resource, and money, I actually like the patch.
  12. That Hatter's logo is superb. Great use of negative space. The Primary winner reminds me of the old Cleveland Browns Dawg Pound logo.