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  1. I just think that the Grizzlies' primaries are just pretty bland. I love their fun alternate and throwback jerseys.
  2. I'm not a fan of the Sixer's classic. And I am definitely not a fan of the Nuggets' redesign. Their city jersey, despite the use of black, is their best jersey.
  3. Kings, Heat, Blazers, and Jazz are the few teams that actually have good jerseys across the board
  4. I keep thinking that the oval logo was supposed to be a roundel but the formatting squeezed the image
  5. The Suns' city jersey is probably the best in their set right now. If they took out the "Los" and stretched out the "Suns" part of the wordmark, you got the basis of a really good jersey. I'm 50/50 on the shorts, but its a hell of a lot better than their current Icon and Association uniforms.
  6. love the new uniforms. Better than I thought
  7. I really hope the Diamondbacks continue to use this cap. Before they removed the snake scaled gradient, this was the only cap in the set worth wearing.
  8. Embrace the teal. Its such a unique color scheme. Embrace it. The jerseys look way better. I think the gray roads are the best in the set
  9. The new one looks too sharp and lacks the personality from the previous logo. There's a reason why the old one is so beloved. I get why they want to modernize it (the merch sales) but the new logo loses all the fun that makes it charming. Nonetheless, its still a good logo.
  10. The current Suns set is the worst its been. Awful all around. Most likely the worst set in the NBA
  11. This and make the NOB blue as well. This would be a fantastic alternate
  12. Either embrace the black outlines or lose it. Black outlined numbers ruin the flow of the jersey without any other black elements. The New York wordmark needs to be a tad bit smaller too.
  13. So does the Defender logo have four teeth on top and on bottom? The perspective is weird if its supposed to be just a side head.
  14. Has the same issue like the Grizzlies's wordmark. Way too small.