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  1. These were the best Jags helmets in history. BY FAR
  2. I'm wondering (and hoping) if there's a chance we still see the old un-segmented horn on the helmets. Consider this logo: It has white highlights yet they were not included on the helmet.
  3. oldschoolvikings hit the nail right on the head. As much as I'd love to see creamsickle throwbacks for the Bucs, Pat Patriot throwbacks for the Patriots, and all the others, it's just too big a risk. I'd rather have no throwbacks than the helmet trend we saw in College Football a few years back.
  4. I don't hate the Rams logo. Are there problems? Yes. Worst logo in NFL History? No. Worst logo in the NFL currently? No.
  5. As a Rams fan, i don't hate this. Not what I'd choose, but better than what I fear will be the reality.
  6. Consider this. The Rams will use all 3 horn colors, but not at the same time. However, they will be all present in the logo.
  7. I'm also thinking the helmet will be darker. I hope so at least.
  8. Oh yeah, we all know it's gonna happen. Watch for a Titans redesign too and maybe the Jets
  9. Chris said that there were multiple shades of yellow and a gradient on the real logo. Could we actually see something like this? In which case, my opinion of the logo changes drastically! EDIT: It appears that while I was designing this, everyone had the same thought as me.
  10. Typically, logos grow on me the more I look at them. It has been the opposite with this. At first I was like, "Well, it's not awful. The horn is a little funky though." Now, however, I see the huge mistake that this logo was. My only hope is that they didn't change the helmet horns. In anticipating a bad uniform, let's not forget that there seems to be a trend of fixing these things five years later.
  11. Via Torry Holt's instagram: When questioned if this was the new helmet, he answered with a shrug emoji
  12. The difficulty with the Buccaneers is that they've had two incredible, yet drastically different color schemes in their history. In all honesty, they probably just need to pick one and roll with it, as much as id hate to see either go away completely. I just don't know how the pewter and creamsicle orange can be successfully paired.
  13. I actually like the big logo on the Bucs helmet. I think it works for them. Unpopular opinion though