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  1. I think there is some beauty in the mismatched colors, but I must say, I don't hate these. Definitely one of the better concepts I've seen with Navy/silver only.
  2. The Rams used a standard block font for 1 season before switching to the font they would use for the next two decades.
  3. Before the redesign, I was suspecting and half-hoping the Jets might use two greens
  4. Even if they changed to these, they'd have surely changed back by now.
  5. The jerseys aren't great, but this....this is awesome.
  6. Before everyone freaks out, I'm NOT saying it's good. It's not. But it does work better than you'd imagine.
  7. After taking a look at the various Washington name lists, here are my top 10 (from the list options) 1. Redhogs (by far) 2. Redtails 3. Belters (think it's unique and could work) 4. Aviators 5. Commanders (would want to play on a George Washington theme) 6. Renegades 7. Razorbacks (love the name but feel Arkansas owns it) 8. Rubies (similar to Belters, unique and intriguing) 9. Wild Hogs 10. Washington Football Team
  8. Personally, pretty surprised that there were no orange pants. Also thinking that the wordmark and the number are a tad too close together, but maybe that's just me.
  9. I like the sleeve design for the colts, but not sure if it's 30's enough.
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