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  1. Instagram is killing me lately. Maybe the only thing worse than calling uniforms or "clean" is calling them t h r e a d s
  2. Almost anything is an improvement over what they have now
  3. THIS THIS is what was wrong but I couldn't put my finger on
  4. So does Mr. Creamer wanna upload those Washington logos orrrr.........
  5. Jets - Take out black outlines, change facemask to white Patriots - Silver pants, swap stripe order on away uni Dolphins - N/A Bills - Take out navy, make helmet stripe straight Steelers - Go to block number font Ravens - Get purple or white socks Bengals - Oh dear...... too much. Ditch side panels and shoulder yoke primarily Colts - N/A Texans - N/A Jaguars - Teal Jersey white pants become primary look Titans - Again, too much. Change number font and get rid of sword yoke Broncos - N/A Chiefs - N/A Raiders - N/A Chargers - TV Numbers Eagles - Improve number font Washington - Grey facemask Giants - N/A Cowboys - Get rid of black on shoulder stripes Packers - N/A Bears - N/A Lions - Get rid of word mark on shoulders Vikings - N/A Saints - Color rush gold, Get rid of mono black & mono white Falcons - Grey pants Buccaneers - N/A Panthers - Ditch claw helmet stripes, make standard Rams - Get rid of gradients, fix number font Seahawks - Get rid of stripes on yoke, limit to sleeve Cardinals - No piping 49ers - N/A
  6. Would love for Washington to go with a grey mask. The helmet would be amazing. As much as I'd love for them to keep it, it's too good. Allow me to explain. It looks like a classic you'd see along with the Packers, Bears, Steelers, etc. But it's not. It was made in 2020. Modernize it a bit, but throw a gray facemask on it and it is truly one of today's great helmets.
  7. That'd be great but we know it won't happen
  8. The only thing more annoying than the name change is the fans that think they are the Washington Football Team PERMANENTLY smh
  9. The font is nice and I hope they use it in the permanent identity
  10. DC Sentinels domain purchased EDIT: Didn't go back far enough my bad