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  1. It's refreshing to see a good NFL redesign thread, it's been a while. Keep it up!
  2. Love it. Would agree with lighter cream, but other than that, incredible
  3. Would like to see that's number font go, in favor of something more traditional. Ultimately though, id rather them just return to being the oilers.
  4. While the Thunder do use a yellow trim stripe on their association and icon jerseys, they are seen virtually nowhere else, and as an OKC fan i can say, yellow is certainly NOT part of our identity.
  5. While the current color set and uniforms are a great modernization and embodiment of the Seattle Seahawks, there was something truly special about the 2000s blue-grey shade known as "Seahawk Blue." Who agrees?
  6. Interesting. The Warriors is excellent. I would stick more to using the original logos.
  7. Incredible logo, but not for a football team
  8. The wordmark is crammed in there a little, either lower the number or scrap the wordmark
  9. Oklahoma City citizen here, can't go wrong with energy/petroleum themed names like Oilers, Roustabouts, Energy (taken sadly)
  10. What template are you using? Did you design each individual one by yourself? If so, great work and effort!