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  1. Maybe I should take this to the unpopular opinions page, but those Argos jerseys are kinda sweet
  2. Are we seriously still considering "Red Wolves" as a good name option?
  3. I...don't hate this? I could do without the 2nd alt jersey but this isn't terrible. The biggest thing standing against it is history, not necessarily poor design.
  4. Soccer jerseys really just make my blood boil. I want to watch Seattle FC or Real Madrid, not Zulilly or Fly Emirates. Plus, if i'm ever in a position where I have to resort to watching a sport as boring as soccer, the least I could get is a nice uniform.
  5. https://tiermaker.com/create/best-nfl-uniforms-681681
  6. Glad I'm not the only one who noticed this.
  7. Bengals, Rams, Titans, Cardinals are the worst 4 in no particular order. Falcons not in the bottom tier IMO.
  8. Even the Rams's current yellow pants might look better in dazzle fabric. At least it would match their shiny rubber numbers and stripes.
  9. This new year, let us remember the great gift we have been given! Jesus Christ our LORD and Savior, who can save us from all of our trespasses!

  10. Jesus has offered us His free gift of salvation to those who will believe in Him!