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  1. Loving every part of that wordmark
  2. Gold Circle, Maroon and White Outline, Maroon W and Stars is what im leaning toward
  3. I personally love the Redskins logo. Is it sleek, modern, or clean? No, but it truly is one of the more iconic looks in the league. If you insist on a name change, not sure if I'm completely satisfied with the redtails logo. I think the shape fits a bit awkward on the helmet, especially with the helmet stripe.
  4. Personally, i've always loved the idea of the Cardinals adding copper to the color scheme. Interesting series idea!
  5. I've created this elephant logo that I'm pretty proud of, but I feel like something is still off. Perhaps something with all the blank space on the elephant's cheek. Any tips would be appreciated.
  6. I applaud you for being bold and creative, most folks revert to the pre-NFL era with the northwestern stripe across the jersey front. This is refreshing and different. Now, with that being said, not a huge fan of the design itself. Personally, the collar plus logo and stripe outlines create a much too busy look. PS: Is there any way I can get ahold of the template you are using? Especially the helmet and pants only one
  7. Ditch the outlines on the away numbers and the white outline on the logo and this is GOLD! Excellent
  8. I think Atlanta is the first design that fell a bit short here. I like the red satin concept, but am a bit skeptical of the rest. The stripes seem too thin to me, and I'm not sure how much I like the font. I think the color rush is definitely the best set, and the rest could be adapted from that.
  9. It's refreshing to see a good NFL redesign thread, it's been a while. Keep it up!
  10. Love it. Would agree with lighter cream, but other than that, incredible
  11. Would like to see that's number font go, in favor of something more traditional. Ultimately though, id rather them just return to being the oilers.
  12. While the Thunder do use a yellow trim stripe on their association and icon jerseys, they are seen virtually nowhere else, and as an OKC fan i can say, yellow is certainly NOT part of our identity.