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  1. One of history's greatest uniform elements
  2. Yeah the blue over yellow looked okay in sunlight but horrible under the bright stadium lights
  3. Washington Pigskins Then the skins nickname could stay, also paying homage to "The Hogs"
  4. It's funny because I hated the Titans old unis when they had them. But now, looking back, they were pretty solid.
  5. Titans need to pick 3 colors and run
  6. This is the most California uniform matchup I've ever seen
  7. The kicker is that it's not dazzle fabric, so it will look very muted in any shade.
  8. Georgia's red is definitely a bit paler than standard red. Also has a bit of a choral hue. A lot of it, however, does depend on the lighting and the camera. I wouldn't quite call it "cherry red" but it's darn near close. Maybe "raspberry red"
  9. Imagine being 5 weeks into the season and we still haven't seen the Browns or Falcons away unis or Bucs home unis in action
  10. I used to do something similar before I got Photoshop and Illustrator. Love the idea!
  11. I agree that while the Royal/Yellow is my favorite of the Rams' color schemes and the best by far, the 2000s Navy/Gold are TERRIBLY UNDERRATED. The Navy/white is crisp too. The Rams just could never lose when it came to looks. That is, until this year's abomination
  12. Still needs more. Shows what a failure this set was that we can fix the 4 worst things and it's still awful
  13. I'd prefer having a 'SOONERS' script also above the numbers. Part of the way we contrast from Bama
  14. Washington's helmets look like a standard gloss finish today. Has it changed from metallic last season?
  15. On an unrelated note, what do you think are the chances we see this in 2025?
  16. Im a navy helmet supporter, but something with the blue helmet is right today. The yellow pants balance it well. The yellow, however, is too "lemon" and not gold enough
  17. Disappointed we still haven't seen the Bucs in Red
  18. I don't hate the black either, but could be done better
  19. Anyone think the Dolphins have too much white on their set tonight? Even aqua socks would be a decent improvement
  20. Color rush really has allowed a lot of teams to experiment with what eventually became their new look. JETS: Emerald green became new permanent color PATRIOTS: Essentially adopted color rush as new primary BROWNS: Became team's primary look for season prior and reverted to more traditional set COLTS: New font became permanent CHARGERS: Yellow facemask, used season prior to redesign and in redesign RAMS: White horns used for 2 seasons Teams like the Broncos, Bengals, Saints, and Raiders should catch on and make their color rush their primary look