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  1. Real quick Dissection (hope i got it right haha): I agree too, the bowtie is an easy read, but the initials arnt. Sometimes I don't mind the when the letters are a bit abstracted, makes the audience have to "discover" it, but its all a personal preference. Maybe try an execution using the negative space, you can get a lot out of a logo that way. My favorite of the batch is B though, soft edges is nice with the strong center "N" cross bar.
  2. why any established entertainer would want to associate themselves with an unproven collegiate commodity is absolutely beyond me...the amount of college kids worth this degree of hype is about 1 every 10 years yet there's now one every year. True. Im not really interested in Drakes interest in Manziel though, Im more interested in Manziels interest in Drake/ me hes the "conceptual" client. I mean he obviously wants to represent it somehow...I mean he got the OVO tattoo. I'm not endorsing Drake either, I think hes as soft as froyo. The design is just a concept, not a poster to affirm mass media (or maybe it is ◬◬◬).
  3. Maybe this is a good place to put this-- this is a preview of a personal project I am working on for players in the NFL draft. I adjusted the colors to match what he put on the logo he posted. Keep an eye out in the concepts page for more 2014 Draft Player Logos Took some visual cues from Drakes Octobers Very Own Logo and these cool japanese district logos I have seen. A little bit of abstract lettering, simple/geometrical shapes, and a patriotic element.
  4. Really great critique! Definitely going to try the perspective approach. Sorry it was a soft launch. For something I am working on today.
  5. At least you see something . The "Trilliumband" is a symbol that represents Ontario, the province which Bennett is from. The cross bar was an abstraction of the "A", leaving 2 "petals" to construct an abstract "B" Maybe my execution was weak, but these were just for fun. Thanks for allowing me to explain a bit, that one is hard to understand without a point of reference.
  6. Sounds like a challenge I can take up! Do you know any references for Adidas Player logos? Ive seen a couple for some of their soccer signee's like Messi. A lot of times I see them try to incorporate the stripes, but I haven't seen too many of their basketball player logo's, except like D-Rose.
  7. Thanks. For Ben's, that would definitely help the balance in the logo a bit-- something I was having trouble with when I was designing it.
  8. A branding exercise I did for my blog. Would love to get some feedback. Check out some of my other sports and design work-- link in my sig. If you would like to see any other player logos, let me know! I'll take requests for any sport or player. Tyler Zeller, Cleveland Cavaliers, #40, if signed to Nike Anthony Bennett, Cleveland Cavaliers, #15, if signed to Reebok *visual ques reference Toronto, Ontario (Bennetts hometown). Victor Olapido, Orlando Magic, #5, if signed to AND1 Tobias “All Business” Harris, Orlando Magic, #12, if signed to Jordan *visual ques reference Tobias’s nickname Ben McClemore III, Sacramento Kings, #16, if signed to Adidas *visual ques reference Adidas branding and Ben’s name.
  9. Awesome execution dude! You should definitely fill this project out- Try a secondary logo and a tertiary logo. Looks like great portfolio work.
  10. Solid idea. I really like when logos tie in a part of the sport, player, location, or some cool backstory.