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  1. To be fair, Baylor football never went Nike Neon Smorgasbord--just Men's Basketball. Baylor kept the same basic look (with gold helmet as one of several options) even with their uniform redesign of 2013. However, this year's redesign will likely ditch the metallic gold altogether in favor of the color scheme shared on the previous page. Though I'll miss the metallic gold helmet, I will certainly not miss the non-unified jumble of uniforms/color schemes across the different sports. The primary uniforms used across some of the major sports during the 2018-19 athletic year: The football and WBB use the Vegas gold, the baseball team uses yellow-gold, and the basketball team is consistently neon, green, black, and white, with no gold at all. Baseball and WBB use traditional athletic number fonts, and MBB has adopted the custom font that football has used since 2013. It's just a hodge podge, which is why I'm excited to see a change, especially now that Baylor is solely Nike (previously, football and WBB were Nike, MBB was Adidas, and baseball was Under Armour).
  2. The latest teaser from Baylor. Now we have a look at the letter font. Plus, they're really emphasizing brand unification across all of the athletic department, hence the word "united."
  3. Was just about to post this! The font is a huge upgrade--the current font is just outdated and verging on illegible. I suppose color scheme depends on your preference. A lot of people don't like the switch away from "Old Gold" or "Vegas Gold" because the gold helmets are likely going away. But I think the color scheme is much cleaner and more consistent, so I'm a fan.
  4. I guess it may be because I have a strong connection to the academy and the midshipmen there, but I like these more than the Nike unis simply because they resemble the summer whites. It's a really cool idea, and it looks incredibly clean. I do like the Nike helmet more, however (obvi...it's the best).
  5. Go here to check out the Navy uni photo gallery. The alts are directly inspired by the mids' summer whites, and freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and team captains will have slight variations to their respective uniforms. More explanation here.
  6. Navy alts to be worn against Ohio State. I adore these:
  7. If this helps, Norris Cole and Eric Bledsoe (of the second picture) are both managed by agent Rich Paul, wearing the hat in the first picture.
  8. Exactly...that was Nike, and it was only used during the Army-Navy game and the bowl game. The regular helmet was gold, as these are. I did hear that UA would design one-time use special unis for the Ohio State and Army games this year, though, and it's possible that the helmet design will be similar.
  9. From a Navy football photo shoot today: Also, does anyone know what the design is on this guy's helmet?