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    ?Yea it was an accident accidently posted
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    Atlanta Hawks New Georgia Granite Forbes 1 Georgia Bulldogs Football Red Uniform Chubb 27 Leicester City FC New Blue Kit Vardy 9
  3. Chubb UGA Football Red #27 Stafford Detroit Lions #9 Byfuglien Winnipeg Jets #33 Korver Atlanta Hawks Red #26 Wood Atlanta Braves Cream #40 Mahrez Leiceister City Blue #26
  4. Sorry onshore gold I literally just left my house and I am going to school so at 4:00 I will fix it and get biscuit's thing done
  5. Need to add this I can edit signatures in school but i cannot post the signature at school so if you were confused there is the explanation
  6. I want to make my own version of what DoctorHeisenberg made. Instructions on adding signature images To add a image to your signature, go to your profile and click the "Edit my profile" button. So now, you should have a tab on a left for "Signature". Use the "polaroid of the tree" button on the editor toolbar to add the image and enjoy (I hope ^^) your new signature. Every banner consists of the year when the team won the championship, the name of the championship and a logo of the team. All this with colors of the team at the time of the victory. Let me know what you think about my idea and give constructive suggestions if you want, it's always good to improve my work ! I taking requests. Please ( ), do a post with: - Year of the title - Name of the title - The logo you want in the banner. - What style you want There will be 2 styles Watermark Logo- has teams logo semi transparent Regular- has teams logo on the left I will post these styles at 4:10 PM EDT Please also respect that I am still in SCHOOL so from 7:30 AM EDT to 4:00 PM EDT I will not be able to post pictures but when i get home i will try to make every single one So let's go !
  7. I love these Can i have Braves Cream color #40 Leicester City home Hawks Red Alt #26 Detroit Lions Home #9 Georgia BUlldogs football Red #27 Winnipeg Jets Blue Home
  8. Atlanta Braves '95 World Series Champs Braves primary Logo Georgia Bulldogs '80 National Champs Georgia primary Logo Atlanta Hawks 2015 Southeast Dividion Champs PacMan Logo Leiceister City 2014-15 Football League Championship Champs Leiceister City Primary Logo can be found http://en.m.wikipedi...cester_City_F.C. the new style please