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  1. Yeags

    Yeag's NHL Redesign

    How's this?
  2. Yeags

    Yeag's NHL Redesign

    Next up is the Ottawa Senators, I used their current alternate as a guide and I added color on the shoulders for both. The Logo is almost the exact same as their alternate logo. I just recolored the face a little bit to make it match the jerseys better. Let me know what you guys think. Ottawa Senators
  3. Yeags

    Yeag's NHL Redesign

    Alright so first up is Buffalo Sabres. I posted this individual concept a couple of days ago, and I really like it. I used their current logo but removed all of the silver and changed the Navy back to Royal Blue. The Jerseys, all I did was again, remove the silver and switch Navy and Royal. I also added some more gold in the sleeves. Buffalo Sabres
  4. Hey guys, So I'm still pretty new to posting my work and stuff but I've decided to take a whack at a large project, so I picked a redesign of the NHL. I'll be posting each teams new jerseys and logos as I finish them. Some teams will be partially or completely untouched depending on how much I like their current sets. I'm using MS paint so obviously I don't have a lot of breathing room, but I'll try my best. I also haven't been able to find any good name and number templates that are compatible with MS Paint so that's why they look like crap on all my jerseys. But anyway, C&C is greatly appreciated and I can't wait to see what you guys think.
  5. I really like the Rochester concept a lot, the only thing though is maybe, thickening the word mark on the chest, just becuase the front just seems empty and maybe make the logo in the corner larger as well. Overall great series though.
  6. I think the green you used works really well. For the cap logos, I would definitely go with the white one. And for the primary you could try changing the gray outline to the navy just to keep the look at navy green and white. Just a thought though. Keep up the great work!
  7. Alright so I made a couple changes. I used the old Royal Blue from the original logo and i changed up the striping on the arms a bit. I know it's not going outside the box a whole lot and they do look a lot like the old uniforms, but let me know you think. C&C Appreciated.
  8. This is my first concept, so I wanted to keep it relatively simple. This was all done on Microsoft Paint so bear with me. Literally all I did was remove the disgusting silver from the Logo and Uniforms. Let me know what you think C&C appreciated
  9. Being from Rochester, I'm biased, but i love the Amerk's set! Very well done! Keep up the good work!
  10. Yeags

    2015 CWS Roundels

    Could we see the Florida roundel with the gator logo
  11. this is my new favorite concept/story line
  12. I really like this a lot. But is there any way that on the white jersey we could see what red shoulders with a gold outline would look like. just wondering if that would make it look better, even though I do really like this design!