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  1. I am very late... But I really have no complaints. I remember this game fondly as well and all of your redesigns make me kinda nostalgic. I love it. Great job. I am very excited for what you have in store... Maybe, later on, NHL Hitz 2003?
  2. really getting tired of youApart from that, I like your style jdp, keep it up
  3. ;( sorry about the wall. Yes you are right. It is cool as hell. Looking forward to your other concepts, and congrats on the Creamer Hall of Fame! Sorry for the inconvenience
  4. Could you do J. Sargent Reynolds CC? That's my local community college. They only have intramural sports so they don't really have a mascot... Also you might have to google the original logo for inspiration.
  5. Would a 5-month bump be unnecessary? I know you have a lot of concepts going on but raysox, you can't just let the greatest concept thread of all time die! Sorry to bother you. Just saying...
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