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  1. I am very late... But I really have no complaints. I remember this game fondly as well and all of your redesigns make me kinda nostalgic. I love it. Great job. I am very excited for what you have in store... Maybe, later on, NHL Hitz 2003?
  2. Them shoulders tho This is pretty clean, except the left shoulder seems to be broader than the right shoulder on both uniforms
  3. SSF is very clean and has a classic look to it, which I like. Classic like a CLINT EASTWOOD film Oh my gradient. You know O love them and you came thru again on the Wanderers clash. I love everything about it and sadly I do not know the namesake of the kit name Good job on both!
  4. Tom Seaver? The crest reminds me of Fenerbah├že. I love Fenerbah├že's crest. Both kits are unique but both relate to the team and both look great IMO. Another very well executed team.
  5. Andre Agassi of course. The crest is beautiful. The home kit is beautiful. The away kit is simple but beautiful. I love it.
  6. I'm actually stumped on this one... The color scheme is vibrant and the patterns are plain, which I say is a GREAT combo. I really like the crest as well. I'd say Las Vegas next
  7. CURSE YOU CY GUYYYYYYYY(He's right tho) I'm all out of things to say. All of your concepts look great
  8. Author John Steinbeck Both kits are absolutely amazing and the colors look great. I have nothing else to say. Great job.
  9. I'm gonna go out on a limb but I say Bucs win, but Lions do not. This concept is very clean and the numbers are very well executed. Nice job!
  10. This is probably my favorite concept in this series so far. I have no complaints. Both kits are well executed and look great! This is "journalist" Derrick Jensen I believe I'd love to see Hollywood FC! I'd suggest pink and gold (extravagant colors for such a city), stars, and the HOLLYWOOD sign font for the concept
  11. I love everything about it. The crest is clean and looks like it'd belong to a very successful team. The home kit is definitely Boca Juniors-esque and I like it a lot, and who can say no to gradients????? The sponsor is also very well executed. Gov. Edmund Brown, correct?
  12. Just binge read this thread. No complaints, everything looks good! God I miss NFL Europa
  13. Sticking with rappers I see? Snoop Dogg it is! I am quite an American culture buff! Very clean and classy look, I like! Thanks for using my suggestion
  14. G-EAZY I mean I have really nothing to complain about, everything is great. This is another one of your concepts that is so simple that it's great, which corresponds to all of your crazy concepts. Love it!
  15. The away kit! Oh my lord that is amazing! I love the home kit as well... I just love everything about this concept, mainly because of the two shades of grey you used (this is the second FSoG reference you've made in your concepts haha) Greg LeMond, of course
  16. This is just a simple (by my standards of you) but great concept! I think the road map really makes the away kit look good but I'm not sure about the white dots/oranges on the home. And who doesn't love In-n-Out?! This is too easy. Richard Nixon was born in Orange County of course!
  17. You've piqued my interest... Looking forward to some concepts! Even though I'm from Pittsburgh and I like Arsenal
  18. I like Rose AFC but my Eureka and Palo Alto teams are better XD
  19. Palo Alto Cardinals Salinas SaltyDogs (Salinas is Salinity in spanish, correct) Eureka Gold/Miners/49ers Medford Loggers Pasadena Abominal Snowmen Maritime Stockton/Stockton Armada/Stockton Nautical because it's a port town I really like the crest and away kits. And Del Taco Pelkey is the founder of BASE Jumping, correct?
  20. The triple-entendre is a thing of beauty! I'm trying my best not to say it, but these kits are radical! You really pulled off the black home kit with this team, and the away kit... Well it's just great. No complaints. If you're referencing the former Pittsburgh Pirate and Santa Cruz native, it's McGehee Make sure to pm me a list of cities w/o names as well because I'm eager to share my ideas!
  21. that'd be interesting but I think he only does certain sports
  22. YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES NGL I prefer Los Altos concepts for that extra level of creativity, but I tell you one thing- You could create any concept and as long as it was hand drawn, I'd love it. And you do not disappoint on your first two entries. Both kits of SCGG are simple but amazing, something you are known to do with your kits . I also think the name SC Golden Gate itself is great. No complaints for Monterey either. I actual got both Easter eggs! Proud of myself. Can't wait for more!!! (btw FURST!!!!1!!)
  23. Whenever you get the chance... RYKO in black gold and red (pirates colors). No rush
  24. Hurrah! I think the first two kits and crest looks great, but shouldn't golden hills have, well, a more GOLDEN third kit? Just me... As a pittsburgh pirates fan, I say you can't go wrong with red, gold, and black- love what you have done with "Buzz" City Springfield is very crisp and clean! No complaints there