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  1. I can't find a flaw in that set. Perfect.
  2. Henry good, looks like a nikeized Denver nuggets
  3. That video shows how much wrk goes into all of them. Good work! I know I'm just adding to the long list but Paul posluszny in teal! (If not then black!)
  4. I say the same things. Hit all the big points. Anyways, very good work, I like them, especially that logo!
  5. Finally someone who includes the teal!
  6. I think they're starting to become the "Oregon Ducks" of college baseball.
  7. Phillies: red shell, white facemask, white p on a blue liberty bell with white outline. No outline on the white p!
  8. I'm Polacheck btw, For the alt of Phillies, can it be powder blue and maroon numbers alt? Their throwbacks, not the creams Whatever you want, you're talking about the swirley P right?Yeah like the one from the 1980s Ok, I'll try to get it done by tonight.NO RUSH!