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  1. What about the World Cup Of Hockey? This is just an excuse for when they pull out of the Olympics.
  2. San Diego has lost 2 NBA teams since they started their drought, and it is one year longer of a drought than Cleveland's was.
  3. Not in the tournament. Its under 30 degrees south.
  4. Needs more teal, less black. Also no Latino jersey.
  5. What is your favorite NFL team?

  6. I think there's some problem with the forums everything is really zoomed out. I can't read anything or even tell whose posting
  7. The logo for California reminds me bit too much of the Boston bruins alternate logo
  8. Go Canada! Thanks A Lot! (sarcasm if you can't tell)
  9. stars gold uni vgorhkquebi09nlaooqev77fh.gif
  10. Basically what the title says. for me there is this yankees uniform. I wouldn't use it as the road but a alternate. note: image isn't working, click the link 8350_new_york_yankees-unused-1973.png
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