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  1. easily one of the best rockets logos iv seen on here. too many people want to go back to the basketball logo.
  2. mavs and rockets let the spurs in, all seem to be doing fine. and do you really think the cowboys wanted the texans around in the first place? yet here they are.
  3. .Then what would even be the point of this? There's 3 jerseys I can have and all 3 are taken. I have one more shorts option available. And the crest cant say "Ducks" because thats counter productive. The team isnt officially called the Ducks anymore, its Anaheim Football Club. I'm trying to make them as Europeanized as possible. Also, next time if you want to make a suggestion, you can ask it nicely. Thanks. That wasn't rude. orange would look better then black. Lots of teams use black but only 4 use orange, it would stand out more. and that's your rule about 3 jerseys, no one is stopping you from doing that. also, next time you make a response, you can do it with out being sarcastic.
  4. add an orange jersey, and on the crest make it say ducks instead of "football club"
  5. I like the idea of modernizing a little, but the stripe looks bad on the jersey( it looks fine on the pants and is unnecessary on the helmet.) and there too close together.the space between the stripes should be the same width of the stripe.Also the "two breaks for two superbowls" is a bad idea, especially judging how they have 5 Nfl championships. I like the blue pants and blue facemask, should add the stripes to the socks like this [post=]
  6. dr Pepper is big to Baylor since there from waco, but since this series is only the sec, ya.
  7. Sam Walton lived in Arkansas and founded the first Wal-Mart in Arkansas. He grew up in Columbia, MO and went to Mizzou. The reason the first stores were in Arkansas was because land was cheaper there. Walton's grandson Played bball at Mizzou.Many other family members went to mizzou, Notably rams, avalanche, nuggets, rapids, arsenal owner stan Kronke. Also, Walmart heir Nancy Walton paid $75 mil to name Mizzou arena after her daughter. The point is Walmart has deep ties to mizzou
  8. Walmart was founded by a Mizzou grad, so they should be the sponsor for MU not Arkansas