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  1. I do like they they gradually transitioned into this over several years and not just did a knee-jerk reaction overnight. Spiders should 100% be it if you asked me. Cool name, potential cool logo, historic name for Cleveland baseball.
  2. Funny enough I'm the opposite, I love the name but I think these jerseys are hideous in just about every aspect
  3. It really doesn't matter what they pick though, if certain people want to still call them the Redskins independent of that actually being the name they are going to do that. They can rename the Sears Tower 1000 different things but that's what people will always refer to it as And they are kind of precieved as petulant anyway given they are only doing this because sponsors pressured them, not a single person thinks they are doing this in good faith because they feel the name was wrong.
  4. No need for backhanded insults you know I'm just telling you what I found out when this name was floating around and why it's a bad idea on every level
  5. I want to remind you all that "Redtail" is slang for spanking a butt during sex
  6. After all these years and it appears my username became meaningless. This logo is amazing though, loving the pink and black. Truly thought it would be the tackiest thing but it turned out not to be
  7. Pepsi has always had an identity crisis. Where Coca-Cola is known for their script and simplicity Pepsi is more known for having a bunch of different logos incorporating the ball then any individual image
  8. Let's forget the obvious greed and any other reasoning behind the decision for a second This has been said millions of times, but the gimmick of hockey in the desert has mainly been a failed experiment, so this idea is to further expand the gimmick with way more competing entertainment and a betting industry that could be huge trouble, all of this hoping opposing teams fans will come. How can anyone think this won't end in complete disaster?
  9. They might as well ban stripes all together now. I personally think it's impossible in most cases to pull off a back with no stripes when the front does, if they want to restrict clubs like that they should just go all the way instead of wimping out at just the back. What if the refs and viewers can't read the sponsor on the front? Worst decision ever, they've been looking at numbers with stripes on the back forever I have no idea why it's such a issue now. It's so terribly ugly I have no idea how anyone could even bear to stand it.
  10. It seems weird but that's the beauty of college hockey, everything you thought about college athletics gets thrown out the window. Where Division II and Mid Majors are powerhouses and the presence of the Big 10 actually hurts the sport. Unless a major curve ball comes and the B10 pick anyone besides the independent Arizona State the domino effect won't be that huge. Hockey East picks a ECHA team like Quinnipiac (if they actually accept), ECHA picks a Atlantic Hockey team, and all those conferences will be at a even number. Or HE just picks a Atlantic Hockey team and we are still even.
  11. An LA team owned by the guy with a stake in Arsenal. I think I found my lifetime enemy. Or for the next 10 years or so until they relocate again
  12. Crests in soccer/football traditionally being almost always on the top left of the player's jersey from their perspective (and right from yours). Really want to know why.
  13. When my favorite team, the hockey team that got me into sports, ceased operations. Attendance wasn't always great so I saw it coming miles away, but it still hurt bad. When your team loses hard it hurts, but there is always tomorrow. Knowing your team will never play again is just painful.
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