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  1. Home Run Derby should be fun this year, not a bad pick.
  2. Hot take: I would’ve liked to see Gonzaga break out the “ZAGS” jerseys they’ve been wearing all tournament tonight
  3. It’s an absolute shame a game that good didn’t have a full crowd behind it. Regardless, Jalen Suggs just at the very least hit a top 3 buzzer beater in tournament history.
  4. Nemanja Bjelica will fill the Olynyk role, and Harkless/Bradley/Silva never played so the Heat essentially added Oladipo for nothing. The Rockets though, trading away a generational scoring talent for what ultimately netted them Dante Exum, Rodions Kurucs, Olynyk’s bad contract and injury prone Avery Bradley is an all time bad haul
  5. That’s how I feel about it too, it’s inoffensive to a fault, but it’s clean enough that it didn’t distract from three straight finals runs including the iconic 2016 one. That’s why I don’t think it should have ever been changed, because those uniforms are Cleveland Cavaliers basketball to me.
  6. Missed opportunity not to have a Phineas and Ferb themed identity
  7. No team, especially a team with uniforms as iconic as Boston’s, should have their classic white jerseys be their fourth most worn uniform.
  8. I’m thinking those are the teams that more/less made earned jerseys cause they had to mot cause they wanted to. If you look at the designs that are being worn only 3-4 times you can tell they phoned it in to meet the quota.
  9. How many games each team will be wearing their earned jerseys per Lockervision 76ers- 10 Bucks- 11 Celtics- 7 Clippers- 4 Heat- 3 Jazz- 10 Lakers- 4 Magic- 3 Mavericks- 3 Nets- 5 Nuggets- 7 Pacers- 7 Raptors- 6 Rockets- 3 Thunder- 5 Trail Blazers- 9
  10. The Nuggets uniform is how I feel about most earned uniforms, it’s a solid look but it has no reason to exist.
  11. One of the biggest baseball games in recent history had both teams in blue
  12. The Heat will be wearing the earned jerseys three times
  13. Something is seriously wrong with the Miami Heat
  14. I think shiny pants for all teams are very popular around these parts
  15. The calls were bad, but the Bucs have clearly been the better team.