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  1. Went on a thrift store binge the last few day: got two blank (with nameplate) bills authentics at savers: the navy is reebok and the royal blue is puma, $9.99 a piece champion throwback 1964-1965 buffalo bills jack kemp at salvation army: $5 wilson jim kelly bills jersey at salvation army, no name on back: $5 sabres ccm vintage hockey hoodie at amvets: $3.50 bills snapback hat at savers w/ tags $3 bisons new era snapback with mesh at savers most likely 80s/ early 90s: $3 anyone in the buffalo area, the savers in hamburg by the mckinley mall has more empty bills jerseys, both styles, one a logoatheltic, the rest puma oh yeah, sizes range from 48-52 in the royal, and run bigger in the navy's...also, marshalls has blue jays clearance cool bases as well as replithentics from 15-10 bucks in black, white, and the roads
  2. i am assuming that the islanders will change their primary jersey to their 3rd from last year since tavares wore it on draft day, so we may possibly see a white version of the retro as well... and as far as the sabres are concerned i believe it is even this or next season that they will change their alternate to the primary and finally retire the disaster that is the buffaslug...i don't know if they are changing it for their 40th year or 4oth season...something about that is always messed up
  3. can i please have a rack sig with the sabres throwback white, red alternate, and current dark if possible and may i also please have a sabres one with the home and away like the toronto maple leafs one please thanks in advance!
  4. I just used the one logo, as I couldn't find the other one with background cut out. Thanks a ton
  5. Hey these are great can i please get two UB Bulls ones first the twist with this logo please then a cbs with this logo please thanks in advance!
  6. At least nobody saw what happened, since Sabres fans don't go to the games, right? Good news to hear that Zednik will be alright. i think you are thinking of devils games we have sold out all but two games this year, and i was at this game and it was pretty surreal
  7. i used the blue from the logo on chris' site so i don't know if it is correct or not
  8. Northeast division: Atlantic: Southeast: Central: Pacific: Northwest: alternates/roads/inactive:
  9. i really like this, i hope to see more striping like this on the new jerseys next year...great job
  10. these are great...best ones yet
  11. but everyone who says that the jerseys and logo are horrible are making people who actually like it feel like they are stupid or dumb for liking it, which is worse than any logo could ever be. so in a sense saying how ugly it is is making everyone who disagrees with you not saying anything because they feel liek they are going to be attacked right away, which isn't what a message board is about.