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  1. I like Stockholm, but my vote goes to Ottawa.
  2. Could you please make a West Coast Eagles (Australian Football League)?
  3. Nowadays I feel like supporting the Redskins name is unpopular. But all jokes aside, I really like the Buccaneers old uniform, and the Philadelphia throwback jerseys.
  4. Yeah, making the numbers white it would make it much better, but otherwise I really like it!
  5. I personally see a "C" created with the lions head, a Calgary Flames like feel, were you going for that? Otherwise I like it.
  6. Yeah I agree, those triangles aren't helping anything.
  7. Oaklands green uniforms, how did it go from the away jersey, to now a practice uniform!
  8. I know, I've always been bothered by the lack of imagination that went into the clippers logo. *Thought process of the owner at the time* "hmmm, pay a relatively small amount of money for me to get a unique logo, or, whats that you say, I can just recolor the Lakers logo? Sure let's do it!" I'm fine with the name, just change the logo.
  9. I think it would be nice, if your going for a hockey stick look, to smooth out the edges, then get rid of this, I think that would do the trick!
  10. I think that with your first one, the color is just not one a sports team would choose, I understand why you did it, the result just doesn't work. And like everybody said, to much detail, in it too. In sports logos, simplicity is everything. With the second logo I personally don't like it, it's more simplistic, but for me there's just something off about it. I wish the green was more prominent I love that third jersey, and I think that would help it. I personally love the logo for sheffield, it's personally one of the best soccer logos I've seen. I can't see why you didn't go far with that, it's simplistic, great colors. The only criticisms I would give are that, there's to much blank space, and I'd wish you had changed the ball color to blue or white, the brown is a little offsetting with the starkness of everything else in the logo.
  11. Whenever I see pictures of these uniforms I think of the 2000-01 Calder Cup Championship win.