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  1. When in doubt its always nice to get some C+C on a personal logo, I mean I always see little things wrong but it would be nice to hear from you guys. Here is my current piece I'm working on, any thoughts and comments on it?
  2. It's just a rough draft, nothing too serious. I am glad to hear! I can adjust that if it seems to be an issue. I may make a stab at uniforms, not quite my forte or area.
  3. A simple fix on what they established as their new primary, something that combines a bit of new school and old. Thoughts?
  4. Oh man, I love. I read each one, pretty amazing. I can't wait to see the next project, maybe the 50 states and commonwealth's!?
  5. While I do see that it looks straight jacked, I will be straight forward and say that is actually a standard star ball, the star is the stock measurements and placement as well, I apologize if you felt like it was stolen, I don't see any way to fix it, except change the angles of the stars, you may even use that screen shot of the ball as well to show that they are the same, I added your image and mine as well to show the settings of the star (which is very stock if you ask me.) also if you notice in yours and mine, the balls ever so slightly are different, again my apologies if you felt that it was stolen.
  6. I would agree, did you consider using a form of timbers actual font in the case of a 2?
  7. someone get this to the NBA pronto, I will be a proud cavaliers fan just because of the uniform and I'm not even a cavs fan.
  8. the more and more I stared I started to notice that too, I almost went ahead and added gray to the color scheme but kept it simple and changed it to white and feel a ton better about it.
  9. exactly, essentially thats what happened to me prior to getting a contract to work with the team that did Grand Canyon University and their new athletic package, they politely asked me to remove their name and essentially just asked me to hand them the concept, which sucked to say the least. once I do some type fitting I'll be working on an entire package to hopefully offset and help make the logo seem reality.
  10. Thank you much, I have updated it slightly based off two comments thus far. still needs minor tweaking.
  11. The font, I have been playing around with for days, this is just the initial approach to layout of the font, but I can see the dated look to the name. I do prefer to when updating any logo, keep a piece of the original as a nice flare to any new piece and lifelong fan of the sport, but I do see the amateur look, I've been working on a star ball that is going to take a fresh look, just overall havent been able to get it out of sketch stage. Thanks for the input.
  12. After seeing the Columbus Crew (whom they NAILED A PERFECT CREST IMO) I felt the urge to create a crest for the New England Revolution, for the most part its pretty easy considering that I wanted to keep a feel from the original logo (the soccer crest, and the 7 original red stripes on the flag I came up with this rendition of a concept, for sure its only 50% finished at best but this is the stage where I find C+C helpful Original: Update 1:
  13. On the subject of the original post, it looks too stock to me, I'd drop the gradient go with a 2d badge, work on fixing the vice in the badge and go from there. On the subject of hi-jacking, it was a hijack'd thread, lets leave it at that and we are only feeding his incompetence by continuing this, as well, my C+C on the wordmark is that is looks too stock, something you find where you just type it in paint and call it done. there was nothing creative done to the wordmark. The real issue isn't the board members entirely but its the artwork quality being posted, most of us are novice and we are here to learn but accepting a criticism is one thing, but taking it to heart is another. You may love your art, some of us dont. Don't take offense, its just merely our opinion. I feel as if to raise a real opinion, we should divide the concepts board into uniform concepts (which is mostly what you guys have been posting) Logo concepts (for the rare ones that actually post logos and specific wordmark related to a logo) And full concepts (for uniforms and such) And clear set of rules for posters to understand, and consquences for those rules, a simple rule of hi-jacking for me at least would be deletion of the post, 24 hour ban for the user, and then move on.