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  1. The link you used is for the replica, the authentic jersey doesn't seem to have the drop shadow on the front but it does on the number on the back. Either way, it seems like the Giants are making these their regular season black alternates which in my opinion look much better than the ones they introduced two years ago with only an outlined logo and numbers:
  2. Thanks. Here is my attempt at the logo in the current colors. I tried adding more color to it with some tan but I couldn't get the colors combined right.
  3. This is my first logo concept. Something I put together before the official logo was released that I would have liked to see if the Padres decided to switch to brown and yellow.
  4. I think the shape of the bottom of the logo could use a little more personality. Also, I tried seeing how your smokestacks would look like on the official logo. I think it may have too much going on though.
  5. I'd like to see this script on the road primary or an alternate even though the Giants have never used this script on a jersey before.