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  1. I really like these, sure they could use some tweaks but honestly these are the least offensive of some of the modern experiments we've seen over the years. I think they could get a solid 5-6 years out of these before they'd need to update again.
  2. Thats how I view it, the entire striping system is W/B/W. The helmet just has one and the jersey and pants have two, I don't really view it as an inconsistency.
  3. The navy with normal logo helmet, just like the normal gloss a few years ago, is soooo good.
  4. Hm, no, just wrongly thought the BIG played 8, so its just the SEC then that plays 8, or is it the ACC that also plays 8?
  5. The problem with that though, is that you devalue conference champions when you simply allow teams to get in based off of ranking (rankings shouldn't be a thing, especially not from human minds). Sure the SEC has had 4* teams in the top 10 this season, but those are just rankings and its clear Kentucky and Florida, and possibly even LSU aren't nearly as good as their ranking suggests. If you're a good enough team you will win the games that matter and win your conference and therefore be rewarded with a playoff spot. Rankings are very subjective and in my opinion, biased (especially when decided on by people not computers), and shouldn't be the determining factor of how good a team is. Winning your conference does a much better job at deciding that just about every season. Adding to the 8 team playoff, I think the NCAA should incorporate a rule that makes every P5 team play other P5 teams in the non conference and eliminate the G5. So there would be 3 wildcards and not a G5 champ. Putting the pressure on teams like UCF, Boise, Houston, BYU, ND, and so on to join a major conference and gain they respect they deserve. As well, all conferences should play an equal amount of conference games. Currently the BIG and SEC are rewarded with cupcake weeks because they only play 8 conference games.
  6. Only one I really disagree with is the Arizona A logo. Was the perfect and timeless update to our old block A. On the other hand, we definitely need a new secondary logo.
  7. Didn't wear those cursed helmets last night thankfully.
  8. Saw Oregon in person last night and I really(!!!!) liked those helmets, but not for Oregon. Kinda tired of seeing teams who don't have black as a school color wear black all the time.
  9. Not our best, but not our worst. I'd like to see a return of B/W/R on the road.
  10. Instantly thought of that post once we won haha. We finally broke through with a new uniform element.
  11. Welp. As is tradition with breaking out any type of new uniform element, we will surely lose this game.
  12. And flip the numbers to white with red outline and these uniforms would go from a little below average to pretty good
  13. Arizona is going W/B/W tonight, new white helmets with navy facemasks. Dreams do come true.
  14. Perfect picks if were talking strictly geography speaking, but congrats to Penn State as they will win that conference 9 out of every 10 years
  15. We'll never go R/B/W at home, and probably not B/B/R either. Give me W/B/W, and W/B/B with W/R/W as an alternate and that would be perfect.