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  1. The Pro Bowl unis were a simple yet sleek design in my opinion. The colors could be better, but by no means were they an eye sore. Id give em a 6.5/10 and if they were just red and blue then they would be around a 9 honestly.
  2. Unfortunately the throwbacks worn this season were auctioned off after the game, so it was only a one time uniform for this season. However, we will be wearing the traditional striped helmet this week.
  3. Will be an interesting uniform match up in Tempe for the territorial cup this weekend. Tradition vs tradition for both schools....
  4. These are legitimately a 10/10 perfect uniform for us. A cohesive, and consistent look that we really need to adopt full time whenever we are allowed to by nike, which I think will happen.
  5. Combos are decided on by the players, and I doubt they take that into consideration
  6. 100% agree, the white helmet, if paired with red or blue pants needs the matching face mask, it helps tie it all together.
  7. Wow, I thought this was a completely different thread, It was in regards to the Arizona Desert Storm throwback uniform that was announced this past weekend
  8. R R W tonight for us, not my favorite combo with these jerseys, but the new red helmet improves any look that it's worn with.
  9. This will be one of the better combos we wear this season.
  10. Unfortunately we're not wearing all white, only for the fans this week.
  11. ugh, I know. White numbers, red outlines, and this uniform is honestly really good. I also like not having stripes on the helmet with this set.
  12. Arizona's uniforms looked really good for how bad the jerseys are. Make the numbers white and its and instant massive upgrade. Pus these new red helmets look so good under the lights.
  13. New red helmets for Arizona Football, i've seen these in person and they're beautiful.
  14. Of the last idk, let's say 20 national champs, how many of them have had out there, modernized, swagged out uniforms? Not many I can tell you that. Winning 110% matters more.