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  1. Sweet, have fun! Hope you enjoy. Btw are you going to see Scotland. Lovely place.
  2. Love all of these, haven't been here in a while. These are all great like I said, can't wait for 100.
  3. GAHHHHHHHH. I all of these...... I would agree with lightening Detroit a little though, like how their jerseys match now.
  4. This is a good idea. Specifically Niagra Power, you could make a mainly yellow jersey with water blue as the secondary color.
  5. Nope, don't think so, post away
  6. Why don't you try using Boston's current logo instead of the alternate logo. Just a suggestion, it still looks good now though.
  7. I live in Omaha too, so that would be cool, would love to see them, maybe the Herd for a name
  8. Who are you posting next Just wondering because I'm excited
  9. Love Athens, that is amazing. One of the best you've made, and they've all been really good.
  10. Also, I really hope that you'll consider doing a ranking for top 100, I would love to be involved as well as I'm sure at least a few more people would be.
  11. Can't wait to see Detroit specifically, but everyone else also
  12. Hey I've been lurking this topic for a while now, and decided to get an account just to post here, love all the concepts, and would love to see a team in Winnipeg if in Canada. It's your series though so do what you would like.