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  1. Supposedly the song Dirty Water is the Red Sox victory anthem....Google is your friend.
  2. The one on the boards at the arena is better, its not green and neon yellow. It looks recolored to the normal green and gold.
  3. I dont feel the elements from the current logo, other than colors...
  4. Not sure if im the only one, but when i think of Oregon numbers, my mind goes here but in a more manageable size.
  5. The horned U is still there, as it was the athletics logo. The one this one replaced is on the left below. As someone who spent 2 years at South Florida as a student before transferring to a smaller school for graduation, I think the new academic logo sucks for our brand. I dont understand why they couldnt incorporate the athletics iconic horned U as the brand for the entire university, much like other schools have done as well.
  6. I guess i meant it more as they take a shade and go variations of that shade rather than the Daytona route of a bunch my various colors.
  7. This is where i get confused, theyre building an 18k seater in lauderdale and a 20-30k seater in Miami? Whats the point? Build one and play there. A USL squad so close to an MLS squad doesnt need 18k.
  8. The seats at PNC Park are blue I believe....its not perfect but it could be worse.
  9. ***a green airplane. The phallic balloon of a plan they used before was terrible and dated.
  10. For sure. My comment was meant that if he chose to appeal in once due time has passed, but from what you all shared I dont think they'll return.
  11. Sounds like a kid to me who needs to mature and grow up a little bit before returning....if they choose to return.
  12. I assume so, i did a quick search to see if i could find anything this member did but it seems to be gone...or it was done in private message,.
  13. Some of those options had San Diego going to the NFC instead...
  14. If the XFL can snag the Bandits name for Tampa Bay that would be the best name to make a splash.
  15. But this is just supposed to be an alternate logo. Every shrimp isnt a J.
  16. I believe MLB barred this modification a few years ago, so catchters pretty much wear standard color masks. As for my opinion on goalies, who cares? This isnt the military.
  17. It's a terrible branding of the area code 919.
  18. Mid April right before the draft is usually the time the league schedule is released, so i presume the NFL wants a decision soon.
  19. Eh not so much. There isnt enough contrast with just light blue and gold. The navy needs to be there, even just to provide some separation.
  20. Guess we can use this until the new season starts, but sounds like bowl affiliations are in flux for the 2020-21 bowl season
  21. NFL....but with Tampa hosting an XFL team theyll be on my radar but no more than my interest of when the Storm were still in the AFL.