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  1. Pengiuns tickets are a hot commodity anywhere. I know I usually avoid those games when the play the Lightning in Tampa because resale markets are always grossly overpriced comparing against face value, because snowbirds will pay.  


    It's the same in Tampa when Montreal and  Toronto are here in January-March.  Snowbird City...

  2. On 12/6/2019 at 8:51 PM, RayFinkle said:

    SEC, paint the effing endzones, for christ sakes!!! 

    To be fair the Falcons were home Sunday after the SEC Championship, so a fully painted endzone would have to have more paint washed off.


    Ideally, the Falcons should be on the road this week every year, like the Colts, Niners, and Lions were.

  3. 7 minutes ago, CardsFan79 said:

    Sorry if I've just missed this somewhere, but is there a time for the Rangers uniform announcement?  I've been unable to find a specific time other than their official tweet yesterday that said "24 hours."

    Well the tweet was at 215pm eastern time, so I'd assume no earlier than that if we were to take the literal 24 hour rule.

  4. On 12/1/2019 at 6:24 PM, alxy8s said:

    Haven't used it in about 20 years, but Alabama used to play a ton of their "home" games at Legion Field.

    Last time was 2003, South Florida was their last opponent in Birmingham.  I think the change to games in Tuscaloosa was when Bryant-Denny ended up having a larger capacity.

  5. 1 hour ago, Brave-Bird 08 said:

    Tomorrow will be look fine because the standard uniforms for Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo and Dallas are good, but it's so disappointing that out of the six only Atlanta is going to wear throwbacks. I miss when the league had Thanksgiving throwbacks queued up for all four teams. I understand the one helmet thing, but that shouldn't matter considering the teams. Could have done: 


    Bears (stripes throwback) vs. Lions (plain jane throwback)

    Bills (standard all-white throwback) vs. Cowboys (throwback with navy base built around silver helmet/pants)

    Saints (standard white throwback WITH striped socks, not long johns look) vs. Falcons (the best throwbacks of them all, as is)



    I think thats the part that bugs me is that all six teams had the option to go throwback inspired this Thanksgiving, and we're only getting 1 team participating...

  6. 4 hours ago, TheBigFiz21 said:

    Went to NFL Shop (*coughs* Fanatics *coughs*) and was looking for the Ravens color Rush Jersey. I guess the Monday night game wasn't enough of a notice to's only Flacco, Mosley, and Weddle jerseys from years past

    They only make color rush jerseys in certain players per team, so thats likely the old stock.

  7. 3 minutes ago, PittsburghSucks said:


    They can't. Fox has the game and they don't have the double header this week.

    NFL can flex networks too, so im also surprised they didn't move around one of those CBS 4pm games (SD@DEN or OAK@KC) to FOX for the SF@BAL game to go to CBS in the late slot.  Carolina-New Orleans was a CBS game yesterday...

  8. 10 hours ago, AustinFomBoston said:

    Can I just say the NFL is insane for not flexing 49ers @ Ravens. 

    A game like that and you have it at 1:00?  


    That could end up being one of the biggest games of the season.

    CBS likely protected it, but at the very least give it a 420pm kickoff.

  9. A baseball team in Orlando would have to cater to locals to have any success.  Downtown would be about as far south as a stadium should be built, as most locals avoid the touristy districts unless making a trek to the parks.  Its a strong reason why the Orlando Rays AA team moved from Disney to Montgomery Alabama.


    I feel like the only way for Orlando to get baseball is if the Rays end up relocating there because Tampa and St Pete formally fell thru.  In this case, that wouldnt be until 2028 at the earliest.

  10. - Watching the Rays clinch a spot in the World Series against the Red Sox in 2008.  I only saw it on TV but it was a great feeling.

    - USF football in 2007 and their climb to #2 in the country.  That game @ Auburn was unreal going to OT.  I was at the West Virginia at USF game the week after and I have NEVER heard Raymond James Stadium so loud.  I could barely hear myself talk.  The season didnt end the way is started but it was a fun ride.

  11. Potential 17-Game NFL Season Could Include Neutral-Site Games


    I guess this makes the most sense, and wouldn't throw off the NFL's scheduling matrix for an even split of home and road games.  I'm just curious how the extra opponent is decided, probably another cross-conference opponent from a division not being played that year.


    Link also talks about how the Super Bowl would be the last Sunday in February, and also grant a second bye week, with the season still starting the weekend after Labor Day.