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  1. The thing that bugs me most about the Falcons current logo is the talon. It shouldnt really be the same size as the head of the bird.
  2. With the news of the Super Bowl endzones using the throwback font, when will the Niners officially go back to the Saloon font?
  3. It's definitely 50/50 at most, probably more like 60/40. It's the nostalgia factor that is coming around. Dont get me wrong, I like the throwbacks but because it's the team history, but the past is the past. Red is the way to proceed moving forward IMO.
  4. Still hoping for Sea Lions
  5. :Around the all-star break was always an estimate
  6. I was always split on a name change, since ive had this on on here for a LONG time. It was the last place where i used it, and I havent really been an Astros fan since high school/early college. Figured it was time to make a change with all of this Astros controversy. I did add formerly...to my member title.
  7. Theyre essentially fashion caps.
  8. Padres Fantasy Camp i presume
  9. Looks like the Niners are petitioning to wear the white throwbacks in Super Bowl 54. https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/49ers/49ers-making-push-wear-all-white-throwback-jerseys-super-bowl-54
  10. So what if he does? He's the owner. If he wants his brands to be cohesive he can. Do I like that idea in this circumstance, no. We all can have an opinion, but yes Blank can do it if he wants.
  11. Thankfully looking back at recent past, Nike hasn't incorporated a lot of the details from the "experimental" Pro Bowl styles into standard team issue unis.
  12. The couldve considered postseason bans, but i feel like the Players union would get involved if that happened.
  13. Ive said it before but a nice red satin shell would look solid for the Falcons. Pair with a black (or maybe red like this Utah one) facemask and its a winner
  14. To be fair, the throwbacks can always be sold...they wont be dated.
  15. I presume Fanatics will offer a replica jersey along the lines of the breakaway jersey in the NHL. Maybe not now, but i could see something in the next few months.
  16. My wishlist for the Falcons Red Helmet Black home jersey same logo, just simplified
  17. Looks like it....wonder if this is a new type of BP hat...
  18. Last rumor i heard was around all star break later this month, but nothing for certainty.
  19. The material is probably a little transparent. As for the jerseys, I think i like them but I wish the Lightning logo was blue on the dark jersey and that the negative space wasnt filled in so the staff stripes would show thru.
  20. Man the Niners gotta straigthen out the wordmarks. Theyve used the throwback one on the field for the past few years right? yet they have this one still on the unis. Personally i like them both, but throwback on a slight lead due to nostalgia.
  21. I believe one of the PHI-PIT Stadium Series was supposed to be in State College but there were concerns with plumbing at Beaver Stadium handling an event in the winter.
  22. I'd say we see pics later this week once media events start happening. I would assume the teams arrive in New Orleans in the next day or so.
  23. I'm holding out hope for owning yellow at home. It's original enough to make a stand, but keeping that tradition alive with the traditional colors.