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  1. 7 hours ago, the admiral said:

    Mississippi retired its flag, to be replaced with one that doesn't have a symbol of the Confederacy. I've been critical of what I've seen as empty gestures, but this is not one of those, this is actually fixing something broken. 


    I did see that the new design has to include "In God We Trust" on it, but I guess you had to do something to get it through. 

    Something with river imagery would be a good start.  I found this from a site article from 2015.





    "To describe its symbolism, the 21 stars are there to represent the 21 known tribes native to Mississippi. There are 19 full waving stripes, representing the mighty waters of the Mississippi River as well as our Gulf Coast. The one red stripe is a nod to the original Magnolia Flag and when added to the 19 stripes adjacent, they represent Mississippi as the 20th state."



  2. 21 minutes ago, gosioux76 said:


    I never cared for the purple and teal of the original set. It always felt like too much of a late '90s novelty, and not befitting a team in the desert. But the shift to red/black was an extreme overcorrection. I think a good solution is to embrace the turquoise alternates: It's a novelty, but one that's regionally relevant, and it's just subtle enough to not be tacky.

    Agreed, something about that desert red and light turquoise really goes together.  Toss in the black and sand for accent and thats a good combo.

  3. 17 hours ago, Dynasty said:

    I'm guessing there will be no All-Star Game this year, so are they moving it to LA next year or does another bid have to go through?


    Honestly, I'm surprised they got through this. I was fully expecting them to just fold the season.

    I would assume they'll automatically award LA the next available ASG slot, which I think would be 2022 as Atlanta was awarded 2021 already.

  4. 41 minutes ago, gosioux76 said:

    Wasn't the white hat already the late '90s equivalent of the late '70s pillbox hat trend? The Dodgers, Mets, Reds -- seems like a couple others I'm missing. Apologies, the late '90s were a blur for me. 

    Boston had one as well I think.

  5. 4 hours ago, BringBackTheVet said:

    Between this and the flags, if NASCAR cared, they'd just say "OK, no more events in the south" rather than catering to the "people" that they claim to expect mature behavior from.  The south will never change.  These beliefs are passed down from generation to generation, and for better or worse, NASCAR is synonymous with the south.  Sorry for anyone that doesn't think they fit that mold, but that's what the rest of the country will always feel about "dixie land".  


    That was a little diffcult earlier this year, as they were trying to keep race sites close to the hub of Charlotte for travel purposes, where many (if not all) of the race shops are located.  Now the season is expanding out to other regions.

  6. 7 minutes ago, Ridleylash said:

    The weird thing is the Amerks have been pretty good at developing players and were doing pretty well the last few seasons. So I don't know why exactly the Pegulas felt it necessary to clean out their staff, as well.

    True, but if the issues were at the NHL level, and the staff in Rochester had connections to the old Buffalo GM, it may be a better decision to start with a clean slate.


    I've seen it done with friends in the MLB player development side of things so it doesnt surprise me.

  7. 4 minutes ago, Sodboy13 said:

    The Pegulas have pretty much blown out the entire Rochester Americans front office, and I wouldn't be surprised if that was a precursor to something worse for hockey fans in Rochester.

    Well, i think the Sabres also fired their GM in Buffalo so it sounds like a top down approach.  

  8. On 6/6/2020 at 9:59 AM, BringBackTheVet said:

    Read something today that if there's MLB this year, and if they play at home stadiums, the announcers won't travel with the team and will call road games from studios in their home location.  I wonder if they'll be calling it based on the same feed the viewers see, or if they'll have their own CC feed that shows more of what's going on.

    I would think they may have their own feed.  A few years back the Lightning radio play by play announcer decided to call road games from the studio because his wife was having health issues.  It wasn't immediately announced he was doing this until later in the season, and you couldnt even tell.

  9. 16 hours ago, Scrumptious Ham said:

    There are three buildings being used. You won't get more than three  games a day. With the three buildings, you could roll the three games off back to back to back. There's your daily tv slate. 

    Im pretty sure they could do multiple games a day in the early portion of the setup.  Each venue could likely handle minumum three games a day if they start at noon.

  10. 18 minutes ago, philly97flyer said:

    There’s no way you could have 2 games under the same roof at once. You could set up a game court in each building at the sports complex and run 3 arenas that way. It’s rumored that the teams would be staying at the Coronado Springs Resort. That facility has 3 huge convention center rooms that could be broken up into 4-5 practice locations. Teams could conduct practice/meetings without ever having to leave their hotel.

    Correct, Coronado is the rumored hotel.  It makes the most sense as it has the convention meeting room space, the amount of rooms, and is isolated from other locations for a security standpoint.  Its not connected to any other resorts or parks.

  11. Coming from experience of visiting the sports complex at Disney recently, just because they have the ability to have 20 courts available at a time doesn't mean all will be broadcast courts.  Presumably some could be used for practice/warmup courts.  I would think they could try and do their best to have two live games in one venue seperated by barriers for sound and noise issues.


    - The HP Fieldhouse (the main arena most of us probably recognize because of the Orlando Invitational hosted there around Thanksgiving on ESPN) has one court on the event floor and also has an upper gym area (behind black curtain in background).  I cannot speak for the upper gym's broadcast capabilities so it might be used for practice/warmup, but for this example let's say the HP Fieldhouse has one court for TV.



    - The Visa Athletic Center is essentially a multipurpose gym that can double as a indoor facility for football. (see pic below).  I do not know the broadcast capabilities here, but much like the HP venue, you could have one TV court here.




    - The newest venue is The Arena (no corporate sponsor yet).  This one was built primarily for cheer squad cometitiion, but assumingly can be used for basketball, though I have not seen it setup for basketball before.  I could see one TV court here too, possibly two if it can be split in half.




    Needless to say, this complex can host at least 3-4 games at a time unless they have other plans.

  12. On 6/3/2020 at 6:56 PM, WSU151 said:


     A darker purple would really improve this (maybe call it midnight purple)


    Also the NOB font (Friz Quad I think) and block numbers don't really mix. 

    Agreed, that shade of purple is way too bold.  In its current shade, id only use it as a tertiary accent, otherwise something mor like a midnight purple as suggested would be best to let the brick and sand stand out.

  13. This would be a nice gesture, but a logistical nightmare.  One goal of having it all at one site is to have as many games played in a day as possible.  Changing out courts takes time.


  14. 16 hours ago, hkynik_55 said:

    I know in 2013 K&N ran a race at Road Atlanta, which is owned by NASCAR. It was just renovated, and I wouldn't be surprised if the lower series start racing there next year. This would be another nice road course in the southwest market, and when I made the schedule, I really only picked Sebring because it had steady attendance for all of its events. But with the upgrades to Road Atlanta, could it bring more people in to support a Cup race? I think it is probably possible. So if Sebring wouldn't work out, Road Atlanta could possibly work for a road course in the South Leg of the tour.

    You also have Barber Motorsports Park near Birmingham, AL as well.  Not sure if this would be blocked for Talladega, but its an option.


    I also wonder if a way to expand to the Pacific Northwest could world with an expansion to the Portland International Raceway road course.

  15. 7 minutes ago, MCM0313 said:

    Also looks like the shoulder numbers were originally silver. That’s interesting. That makes me think they initially planned to have silver be a bigger part of that identity than what it ended up becoming. 


    ...or are they green, and that’s just the lighting?

    Pretty sure its green, the one on the players left shoulder appears darker.

  16. Sebring also wouldnt be the best option, it would need some serious repaving for NASCAR I presume, as from Wikipedia:



    Sebring is renowned for its rough, bumpy and changing surfaces. The course still runs on old sections of World War II-era landing fields that were constructed of concrete sections with large seams. The transitions between sections are quite rough and often, sparks fly from the undercarriages of the cars as they traverse them. Much of the track has intentionally been left with its original concrete runway surface. The 12 Hours of Sebring is renowned as a race that is even harder on machinery and drivers than Le Mans, and is seen as an ideal preparation run for the famed French race..


    The track surface has 3.04 miles (4.89 km) of asphalt and 0.7 miles (1.1 km) of concrete. Mario Andretti, a 3-time 12 Hours winner, said that one of the hardest parts about the original Sebring track was "finding the track to begin with." There had been many accounts of drivers retiring due to accidents at night, quite simply because they got lost on the runway sections and couldn't find the track again. Some drivers got lost even during the day, mostly because the track was poorly marked down with white lines and cones


  17. 17 hours ago, WSU151 said:


    They oughta make the Clash on a Thursday. First race of the Daytona 500 weekend. 


    If they push back a week, the final playoff race will be eclipsed by Week 1 NFL. 

    Funny enough, the Busch Clash is on a Tuesday, Feb. 9, and as someone else said the need the time in between to repair the backup car for the 500 if necessary.