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  1. They only make color rush jerseys in certain players per team, so thats likely the old stock.
  2. NFL can flex networks too, so im also surprised they didn't move around one of those CBS 4pm games (SD@DEN or OAK@KC) to FOX for the SF@BAL game to go to CBS in the late slot. Carolina-New Orleans was a CBS game yesterday...
  3. CBS likely protected it, but at the very least give it a 420pm kickoff.
  4. A baseball team in Orlando would have to cater to locals to have any success. Downtown would be about as far south as a stadium should be built, as most locals avoid the touristy districts unless making a trek to the parks. Its a strong reason why the Orlando Rays AA team moved from Disney to Montgomery Alabama. I feel like the only way for Orlando to get baseball is if the Rays end up relocating there because Tampa and St Pete formally fell thru. In this case, that wouldnt be until 2028 at the earliest.
  5. - Watching the Rays clinch a spot in the World Series against the Red Sox in 2008. I only saw it on TV but it was a great feeling. - USF football in 2007 and their climb to #2 in the country. That game @ Auburn was unreal going to OT. I was at the West Virginia at USF game the week after and I have NEVER heard Raymond James Stadium so loud. I could barely hear myself talk. The season didnt end the way is started but it was a fun ride.
  6. Mutiny and a pirate theme makes sense....Mutiny and a cyber bat doesnt...
  7. Potential 17-Game NFL Season Could Include Neutral-Site Games I guess this makes the most sense, and wouldn't throw off the NFL's scheduling matrix for an even split of home and road games. I'm just curious how the extra opponent is decided, probably another cross-conference opponent from a division not being played that year. Link also talks about how the Super Bowl would be the last Sunday in February, and also grant a second bye week, with the season still starting the weekend after Labor Day.
  8. Floridas Turnpike doesnt even come near Tampa so thats not an option...It's terminus is about an hour north of Tampa and it progresses southeast thru Orlando on its way down to South Florida.
  9. I'm confused, people in St Pete still have to go thru Tampa to get to the Orlando area. Speaking from experience, there's always a stretch of road on I-4 eastbound between Lakeland and Disney where it can take 20-30 minutes to go 10 miles no matter time of day (unless maybe the middle of the night)m and that doesn't count the drive time from Disney to wherever the ballpark is constructed (I assume they'll build it near downtown away from the parks/tourist districts) which is another 20 miles north. (Disney is around Exit 64, Downtown is approx Exit 82)
  10. This is really odd...unless he's trying to consider the Rays somehow. One thing to consider, the Orlando metro area no longer has a spring training team after the Braves left Disney after 2019. Orlando's tourism will always make it a transient market and even the spring training teams think it's best to be elsewhere and not compete for the $$$
  11. Rockies, Mariners, Rangers in that order. So much potential for all three, but currently lacking the execution.
  12. The whole thing that confuses me here is that when Staten island and Brooklyn both came around, it was the territorial agreement of NYC and the Yankees and Mets where they both had to have teams in the market to be equal. If Brooklyn survives and Staten Island does not, I foresee a Yankees rebuttal coming.
  13. OP wasnt saying they were too similar, it sounds like they were saying what Vegas has couldve been an evolution of the Canucks black and orange identity if it lasted longer.
  14. The two in the Florida State League baffle me a little, well maybe just Daytona. The Florida Fire Frogs were bought out of their lease after the 2019 season and as of today are currently homeless and haven't publicly announced a new home for 2020. Daytona on the other hand is one of the better drawing teams attendance-wise, but play in a smaller antiquated stadium. Could be why, but their affiliates in the past (Cubs and Reds) don't seem to complain. Daytona and Florida are also (as of 2019) the two teams relatively isolated from the rest (4 teams in Tampa-Lakeland area, 3 in SW Florida, and 3 between St Lucie/Palm Beach.
  15. I have nothing more than a gut feeling, but I feel like the Rays could be a sleeper for a uniform change. Logos hopefully remain unchanged but a refresh of the uniforms might be due.
  16. Also, while these graphics of the Lions gray alts look dark, I found photos of the game from last year. They look lighter, so the Cowboys in blue should contrast but the Lions should wear these grays against a team that doesnt use silver or blue and would stand out.
  17. So I've had some time to process the Padres new identity, and I have to say i like the thought that the primary road jersey is the brown one and the sand uni is the road alt. I know some people might not agree, but in cases where its not color v. color a primary road uni not gray/sand/neutral is a fresh take and I hope more teams consider it.
  18. I honestly didn't mind the gold accented unis either.
  19. The white at home was announced for this week on the uniform schedule earlier this season. Personally I wouldve done white at home against a non-red team but thats just me.
  20. Create a market of supply/demand for the throwbacks...dont wear them for some time only to bring them back as a one off soon.
  21. is that Los D-Backs black alternate a pullover? Hard to tell but the collar looks connected with no button flap.