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  1. I know it's generic but I feel like the one on the left could be Tampa Bay. Red is likely to be one of the colors due to the seat color at Raymond James Stadium
  2. Rays doing a back to back road trip with the Cubs and Brewers...really want to make the trip but it’s Independence Day weekend, not going to be inexpensive
  3. First and foremost, I would hate to see the Rays leave town but if the split thing is a possibility..... I had a strange thought earlier, and don't know if logistically it could happen but lets say Montreal gets a team full time. - Relocate either the Rays or the Marlins franchise to Montreal and assign that team to the NL East. - The remaining Florida team splits time in Miami and Tampa Bay. Miami has a new stadium already, which would then require existing ownership to focus on a single venue in Tampa Bay rather than two including one in Montreal. I don't know if a plan like this holds water because you'd have to decide who remains owner of the Florida team, what roster remains with the Florida team (maybe Montreal does some oddball dispersal draft where they choose from the Marlins and Rays rosters but the Florida team can protect a set number of players) but i'd think a split team sharing two cities in one state rather than a thousand miles and two countries could be more feasible....if it ever happens.
  4. Pretty sure we heard July 2019, so they have the month.
  5. Easy...banners for regular season division titles, conference titles, and league titles. The Rays made banners for the Wild Card playoff berths and i thought that was a little questionable.
  6. It's not a project, its just conversation about the subject of what the team name might be.
  7. Can we try to keep this thread to the purpose of the name change and possibilities? There's a completely different thread in Sports in General for the discussion of the topic overall.
  8. Strangely enough, IF a split shared city team had to happen I could be on board with Tampa Bay and Miami sharing.
  9. Back around 2008, there were talks to build a stadium at this site.
  10. To be fair, the Tampa Bay Times is behind a paywall now (as of a few months ago) after a few articles, so alot of locals have given up on their sites unless they're a subscriber already.
  11. If I give Stu Sternberg credit for something, he invests money into the Trop to upgrade the amenities. Since your visit theyve done the folllwoing: - Replaced the turf at least 3 times (twice in the past 2-3 years) and the new surface for 2019 really seems like a good match. - Added LED stadium lighting in 2019, with colored uplighting and better standard lights. - Created a full almost-360 concourse within view of the field, the only blocked section is immediately behind the plate. - Got rid of the batters eye restaurant, and opened up the walls to make it a social space in CF. - New for 2019, the Left Field ledge with 4-top table seating.
  12. With the Bucs and Rams playing this year, itd be nice to see this matchup. it wont be St Louis but it was a hell of an NFC title game
  13. Well, thats usually when the new apparel agreements always kick in. Not surprised.
  14. Press conference Tuesday the 25th at 1pm eastern about the Rays. Assumingly to clear the air about this Montreal stuff.
  15. IF this scenario makes it to frutition, call the team The Rays (no location identifier) and shift the cap logo to the burst logo.
  16. If taxes are used, I’d say it’s highly unlikely it’ll be sales tax. There are hotel taxes and other tourist taxes that would likely be targeted. The Buccaneers burned any chance of using sales tax back in the mid 90s
  17. It would HAVE to be a blended split, or one where one team remains primary (probably TB).
  18. This....all this. Players union will hate this type of scenario.
  19. I could see a share like Montreal and San Juan worked in the 2000s, but this will not work full time. I dont want to lose the Rays, and have set my personal expectations that over the next 5-6 years it will only get worse before it gets better. Montreal to the Rays is what Tampa Bay/St Pete was to places like Seattle, San Francisco, and Chicago in the 90s. Its the threat of actual relocation that causes movement.
  20. Its because the logo is a modification of the steelmark logo. The three hypocycloids on the logo represent the three materials used to produce steel, with yellow for coal, orange for iron ore and blue for scrap steel.
  21. I believe I heard New Era will be around for a bit. I think they re-upped when the logo was added to MLB caps a few seasons ago.
  22. I hope this leads to new uniforms that do not have a giant circle on the primary white and blue uniforms.
  23. I knew it was going to be Masters food related, and the pimento cheese sandwich is perfect.
  24. Why is Canada and Southeast on that photo twice? Also, I see East/Midatlantic and Great Lakes/Midwest are the same color?