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  1. Green Bay vs. Chicago


    Kansas City vs. Jacksonville

    Atlanta vs. Minnesota

    Tennessee vs. Cleveland

    Buffalo vs. NY Jets

    Baltimore vs. Miami

    Washington vs. Philadelphia

    LA Rams vs. Carolina

    Indianapolis vs. LA Chargers

    Cincinnati vs. Seattle

    NY Giants vs. Dallas

    San Francisco vs. Tampa Bay

    Detroit vs. Arizona

    Pittsburgh vs. New England


    Houston vs. New Orleans

    Denver vs. Oakland

  2. 21 hours ago, Teal said:

    I wonder if any teams will get re-branded with the Nike deal coming into play. Unfortunately I don't have any intel regarding the MLB. 

    As with any manufacturer changeovers (NHL, NFL) there's usually a few.

  3. 2 hours ago, Brian E said:


    you, once again, have missed my point. i am not saying my childhood perspective is valid (nothing can be *more* valid; something is either valid or it isn't). the poster i quoted said:


    "I can't wait for the Titans and Jets to revert to white helmets in 4 years and we can forget this crummy period of misguided rebranding."


    i am saying that  i don't believe that what the jets did with their *re-design* is misguided, but to a portion of their fan base, a change like the green helmets is a welcome one because of their own personal taste/experiences. that's literally it.

    The Jets look better with the green helmet, thats my opinion.  You can have your own, we all do.

  4. 11 minutes ago, Bucfan56 said:

    Current owner is an old, rich Wal Mart schlub who lives in Arkansas and wants to stay there. Interested party is a Kansas City businessman. The deal makes sense, and I don't think indicates anything about them struggling. They're apparently worth $1 billion. 

    Jeez, if a midmarket KC is worth a billion dollars, imagine what some of the top tier teams look like.

  5. 4 hours ago, Pizzaman7294 said:

    supposed to be cannon ball streaks, right?


    1 hour ago, Bucfan56 said:


    Yes, which, come to think of it... Is that even a real thing? 


    I think the goal was to have them resemble rough pewter metal, but mich like the execution of the Jaguars black/gold helmet it flopped.

  6. 5 hours ago, Bucfan56 said:


    The Bucs has these stupid horn things painted onto their helmets the first year they released their current disaster. They wore them for part of the preseason that year, and by the first regular season game, I’m pretty sure they were gone. 


    1 hour ago, MCM0313 said:

    Can you show me a photo to illustrate this?

    Sure can see the dark gray strips here.  





  7. 8 minutes ago, M4One said:


    Do you know something or this just a feeling?  Seems a little too early to be awarding Seattle an all-star game right off the bat.  Of course, it all depends on whether the team/city wants to bid for the all-star game, but I would say that Vegas would be up for the game before Seattle.  Hosting the draft first might be more appropriate for Seattle.

    He meant the team name will be announced around the time of the 2020 ASG, not that Seattle would be awarded one.

  8. 39 minutes ago, shaydre1019 said:


    As a Houston sports fan and resident, this is okay, might invoke some nostalgia in older folks, but it just feels really generic. And i feel like some of the really thin lines/strokes are unnecessary. Also, using 'luv ya' blue and red but NOT giving it to the Houston team is a major headscratcher, esp when they chose to go with the colors of the already established NFL team. 


    Personally I thought the AAF logos were better executed. 

    Pretty sure using the Oilers blue and red with this logo may have skirted a trademark issue a little bit, so rather than a possible issue, they avoided that issue.

  9. 50 minutes ago, neo_prankster said:


    That should be the primary. But then again, Leatherheads would've been nice for Tampa.

    I live here and dont know what a leatherhead refers to.  Leatherback is a type of sea turtle, but no clue what a leatherhead is.

  10. II figured up until yesterday that Tampa would have red somewhere in the logo, but in the end i think they were smart to avoid Buccaneers colors.


    Overall, they did real well with these identities.  I'm a little iffy on Defenders and Guardians on the roster since they kinda sound like the same thing, but the identities represent different themes.

  11. 8 minutes ago, Scrumptious Ham said:

    A battlehawk is a military helicopter. It's used by three branches. Which city on the list has a base nearby that might house some?

    Actually all 5 use the variants of the Sikorsky H-60.  The Battlehawk was a armored variant of the Army's Blackhawk H-60.


    Army = Blackhawk

    Navy = Seahawk

    Air force = Pave Hawk

    Coast guard = Jayhawk

    Marines = White Hawk

  12. If I were to guess...I sense some color shading in the video images, so i tried going that route on a few.


    Blue and White wing = fighter pilot and plane engine = St Louis

    Three greens and yellow = swamp and leaves = Tampa Bay (ugh, theyll play in a stadium full or red seats and probably have no red even as an accent)

    Teal, blue, green, orange = crashing wave and reptile eye = Seattle

    Red, black, orange = cityscape and fields = Dallas

    Black and gray = statues = New York

    Red and white = oil refinery and sparks = Houston

    Light blue, black, and red = Tattoos and Bikers = Los Angeles

    Gray, red, white, blue = Marines and Cavaliers = Washington


    Im not guessing names but this is what Im going with.  Lets find out how close I got.

  13. So I screenshotted the images and these were what I saw in order:


    - a wave

    - a reptilian eye

    -  gargoyle statue

    - someone working at a refinery

    - a city street at night

    -  grassy field

    - the fan of a plane engine

    - a fighter pilot flying

    - a cavalier statue

    - US Marines

    - fallen leaves in a forest

    - a tattoo

    - a pack or bikers


    Some of this surely combines ideas into a name, but Washington might be the Marines.  Cavalry might be another name, as is something oil industry related (Roughnecks, Wildcatters, etc).  Gargoyles is likely there too.


    Any other suggestions?



  14. 1 hour ago, Gothamite said:

    Been saying it all year - that’s the future Brewers logo.  Can only hope they update everything else when they make the switch. 

    We’ll combine that schedule with the Nike changeover and the new ballpark name in 2020, I’d say that might be a good chance we see a change finally.