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  1. This promotion actually began back in 2018 for one night only and they chose to do it more often in 2019.
  2. Row 5 and row 7 would be my preference.
  3. I'll post here since this seems to be the thread in general about arena and indoor football news and rumors... The Tampa Bay Storm might return in 2020 as part of the National Arena League.
  4. I think it's possible LA might be doing it in 2022 but they dont want to step in until the venue is ready to go (new stadium)
  5. Dont get ahead of yourself, theyre just in regionals right now. Super Regionals is round 2 next weekend.
  6. He is Looey, because of his french-canadian heritage. The US city St. Louis is Loo-is.
  7. Tone down the brown to a deep espresso shade like this and limit the yellow to a tertiary like Vegas uses red and you might have something.
  8. Throwback for Seahawks is out of the silver helmet. A fauxback could be as close as they get with the current breakdown.
  9. Suh finalizing a 1 year deal with Tampa Bay, a day after cutting Gerald Mccoy.
  10. For me, back in the Late 90's I was pulled to the navy and gold Astros identity. It helped with guys like Bagwell and Biggio. The Rays were relatively new, and I did support them, I always has a soft spot for the Astros thru the mid 2000's. Never lived in Texas, didnt attend an Astrosl game out in Houston until 2002. Needless to say, it was the inspiration for my handle on these forums and it remains the only place this handle remains with me.
  11. Of course they wont, and for good reason. They just helped build a AAA baseball stadium a few years back and a new MLS stadium is right around the corner too.
  12. They'll still exist, but as a New Orleans affiliate for the next season or so, until Birmingham's arena is ready.
  13. Maybe Orlando market flips things around, but Rays are strictly FS Sun here in Tampa market. I presume they have the ability to float feeds if necessary in certain areas. Lightning are also on FS Sun, but when there’s a conflict between Rays and Bolts one goes to FS Florida.
  14. All of my comments in the post you quoted were based on "in the past" pre-1998 when the Rays came around and if they never existed. The Braves DID have a solid foothold back then. Nowadays, you are correct not so much. Yes, of course if the Rays didnt exist the Marlins would likely have a bump but not widespread.
  15. I dont feel that adding a second Florida team hurt the Marlins, no one outside of the tri county South Florida areas (and maybe a few counties just outside of that hub) would embrace the Marlins. if anything, the rest of Florida would keep it's transient nature, continue to support the Braves (as it seemd true before MLB expansion into the state), or embrace one of the spring training clubs around here.
  16. I believe FS Sun is the Central Florida primary network (Rays/Magic/Lightning) and FS Florida is primary for South Florida (Marlins/Heat/Panthers). I live in Hillsborough County in the suburbs east of Tampa, and my parents live north of Clearwater in Pasco County and we do get both Rays and Marlins games. When theres a conflict in networks (ie. if two of the three of Rays/Magic/Lightning playing on at the same time) they'll shift someone to FS Florida, and I believe some carriers (maybe all, I havent looked) have sub channels for FS Sun and FS Florida that then carry the South Florida area games. On the other hand, we rarely see Heat and Panthers games even when there's nothing else to broadcast.
  17. I'm pretty sure the split of Florida for the Fox Sports Networks (Sun and Florida) keeps Miami and South Florida on their own and Tampa Bay/Orlando get the rest. The only areas im not sure of is the Fort Myers/SW Florida region.
  18. Maybe there's some contractual agreement where the Texas League is the one who claims Louisiana...
  19. I didnt say id like it, but it would be an option...
  20. If Washington wants to honor the expos, just flip the Expos M to a W.
  21. True but I feel like the chargers white jersey is navy with gold secondary, while the Titans here are navy with light blue the light blue works better with the Titans than the Chargers.
  22. Thats kinda what I was thinking...not pink but not red but I couldnt find the right shade.
  23. 25k is a sellout this year, as the Rays closed off the 300 level (except for the bleacher party deck in LF)...
  24. You need to upload your image to Imgur or some site like that, the forums dont allow for image upload.
  25. Exactly, we're in a quiet period, if theres'll come back. Heck, it wasnt even on page 2 for a week...