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  1. First and foremost, I would hate to see the Rays leave town but if the split thing is a possibility.....


    I had a strange thought earlier, and don't know if logistically it could happen but lets say Montreal gets a team full time.


    - Relocate either the Rays or the Marlins franchise to Montreal and assign that team to the NL East.

    - The remaining Florida team splits time in Miami and Tampa Bay.  Miami has a new stadium already, which would then require existing ownership to focus on a single venue in Tampa Bay rather than two including one in Montreal.


    I don't know if a plan like this holds water because you'd have to decide who remains owner of the Florida team, what roster remains with the Florida team (maybe Montreal does some oddball dispersal draft where they choose from the Marlins and Rays rosters but the Florida team can protect a set number of players) but i'd think a split team sharing two cities in one state rather than a thousand miles and two countries could be more feasible....if it ever happens.

  2. 15 hours ago, GDAWG said:

    The XFL should announce their team logos, nicknames and colors this month.  The last Summer Showcase is on July 13th, so I would expect announcements to be made soon after that Showcase, although they could surprise us and announce it sometime early next week. 

    Pretty sure we heard July 2019, so they have the month.

  3. 22 hours ago, BringBackTheVet said:

    The regional Florida team is probably the best solution, though it’s impossible considering what Miami did for the Marlins in exchange for rebranding themselves as “Miami’s team”. 

    Strangely enough, IF a split shared city team had to happen I could be on board with Tampa Bay and Miami sharing.

  4. 1 hour ago, rmc523 said:


    That looks like a "roofed" concept.



    I agree.  I looked it up on maps, and I don't see how they even can expand it.  He talked about 30,000 fans watching the team, I don't see how that's possible short of closing off streets, and even then it seems iffy at best.





    Back around 2008, there were talks to build a stadium at this site.







  5. 13 hours ago, marlinfan said:

    I last went to Tropicana Field in 2010ish. It looks like the bastard child of a stadium, warehouse, and an early 90s cut-rate office building if it were possible for them to procreate. The main rotunda meant to evoke Ebbets Field looks more like something you see in a dying mall. Different areas of the concourse had their own “character” which ranged from sterile concrete to drop ceilings to Joe DiMaggio in comic book form. The trimmings on the scoreboard reminded me of a cheap baseball-theme carnival funhouse. The lights inside are low so you have a constant glare. The turf looked poorly maintained and had a weird shine. I think they still had the orange leaf gradient on the walls/catwalks which evoked Rainforest Cafe.


    The banners in the rafters and the museum were cool though. We set in right field a few rows in front of former Marlins GM Larry Beinfest and his kids. The Marlins infield dropped an infield pop-up and when we turned around he did that thing where he knew you were looking at him but didn’t want to make eye contact.

    If I give Stu Sternberg credit for something, he invests money into the Trop to upgrade the amenities.  Since your visit theyve done the folllwoing:


    - Replaced the turf at least 3 times (twice in the past 2-3 years) and the new surface for 2019 really seems like a good match.

    - Added LED stadium lighting in 2019, with colored uplighting and better standard lights.

    - Created a full almost-360 concourse within view of the field, the only blocked section is immediately behind the plate.

    - Got rid of the batters eye restaurant, and opened up the walls to make it a social space in CF.

    - New for 2019, the Left Field ledge with 4-top table seating.

  6. 4 minutes ago, dfwabel said:

    Yep. Tampa just inaugurated its new mayor last month, so it's putting pressure on her to adjust her opinion on tax payer funds for it. Then again, the county is needed more and the Hillsborough County tax rate is now 8.5%, the highest in the state

    If taxes are used, I’d say it’s highly unlikely it’ll be sales tax.  There are hotel taxes and other tourist taxes that would likely be targeted.


    The Buccaneers burned any chance of using sales tax back in the mid 90s

  7. 13 minutes ago, leopard88 said:

    This just seems like an unworkable situation.  Teams have played parts of the schedules in other cities before (White Sox in Milwaukee, Expos in San Juan, Bullets in Baltimore, Dodgers in Jersey City). Teams have also shared/rotated among cities (Virginia Squires, Floridians, Carolina Cougars, Kansas City-Omaha Kings).  However, the latter situations all involved either one primary city (more or less) and/or teams with some regional/geographic connection (usually being within one state).  This would involve a team playing in two cities located about 1,500 miles apart with no apparent/realistic connection.


    If you're a fan in Florida, it seems like it would be difficult to retain an attachment to a team that you know won't be in town for the home stretch of any playoff race.  Meanwhile, if you're a fan in Quebec, you know you won't be able to watch your team in person for several months of the season.

    It would HAVE to be a blended split, or one where one team remains primary (probably TB).  

  8. 2 minutes ago, VDizzle12 said:

    Not only will fans hate it, but imagine how terrible this would be for the players and employees of the organization. Imagine having to move your family 1500 miles away to a different country in the middle of the baseball season.

    This....all this.  Players union will hate this type of scenario.

  9. I could see a share like Montreal and San Juan worked in the 2000s, but this will not work full time.


    I dont want to lose the Rays, and have set my personal expectations that over the next 5-6 years it will only get worse before it gets better.  Montreal to the Rays is what Tampa Bay/St Pete was to places like Seattle, San Francisco, and Chicago in the 90s.  Its the threat of actual relocation that causes movement.

  10. 2 hours ago, Mr. Krabs said:

    The Steelers were always a prime example of this for me. The red and blue diamonds are prominent in their logo, but it is not in their color system. Just the yellow. What gives?

    Its because the logo is a modification of the steelmark logo.  The three hypocycloids on the logo represent the three materials used to produce steel, with yellow for coal, orange for iron ore and blue for scrap steel.

  11. 1 hour ago, Proc said:

    When is New Era's hat contract up? Will they still be making the hats for MLB next season or will Nike take that over too? 

    I believe I heard New Era will be around for a bit.  I think they re-upped when the logo was added to MLB caps a few seasons ago.

  12. My goal is to see all MLB teams play a game in their home ballparks.  I have seen 5 teams at home in 7 ballparks in my life, in chronological order:


    - Tiger Stadium (a few visits, early 90s)

    - Tropicana Field (multiple times, first in 1998)

    - Minute Maid Park, then Astros Field (2002)

    - Comerica Park (2003 and 2010)

    - Sun Life Stadium (2011)

    - Marlins Park (2012)

    - Progressive Field (2017)


    Overall, at the time of this post, my favorite is Progressive Field.  It's amazing how intimate the ballpark feels,  I'm used to more of a sloped stadium, but this one really stacks the seating levels just right.


    I dont recall my visits to Tiger Stadium that much because i was 5-7 years old...and I'll probably go back to Minute Maid for a refresh as an adult and not a high schooler.