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  1. Im imagining a black Lightning 4th alt with the current logo and the striping from the 2004 Stanley Cup jerseys...or even better this with the current logo
  2. Yeah isnt most of that stuff stock designs that are used for other teams too?
  3. Which would have been a terrible idea for TV viewership. At least now you can kinda form with timezones going east to west
  4. I think that ad placement on the field might have been part of the return to play agreement. I noticed the Nationals had Geico on the field last night, and other teams have sponsor ads there too.
  5. Its likely they used the court template that was already in place at Disney for the complex and just added logo decals.
  6. The Lightning alternate logos on the shoulder is pretty solid, despite being a roundel
  7. It could be worse than Sentinels. I could see them incorporating some kind of iconography using statues, memorials, etc.
  8. Actually its White Sox Cardinals. Iowa in late October sounds like a cold one...i would hate to be a player there.
  9. I foresee Liberty eventually in the Sun Belt or CUSA. NDSU will never leave D1 FCS, theyre kinda isolated conferencewise and I doubt the Big Ten will offer a jump that far. The MAC would be their best option, but even they travel would be an issue.
  10. I reported this to Chris. Moving forward, if anyone encounters this error again can they please screencap and note any details. Browser, desktop/mobile, time of day etc so he can alert the ad network and they can fix
  11. Let’s keep this on the subject of uniforms and logos. Please take general baseball discussion to the Sports in General section.
  12. Would it be awkward if Jeff Bezos (who also owns the WaPo, who released this article) becomes owner if Snyder is forced to sell?
  13. Local govt has approved their play in Toronto this season. https://www.sportsnet.ca/baseball/mlb/premier-doug-ford-discusses-blue-jays-home-games-toronto-done-deal/
  14. Going direct to the teams individual store might be the best option, and it helps a local business rather than a corporate entitiy.
  15. Not true, i have seen the same popups on other sites.
  16. If this happens on short notice, I can see them going by “Washington” as early as this season and maybe for a second season while using the offseason to proceed with a new identity
  17. Practice courts being installed in the Coronado Springs convention hall at Disney. https://blogmickey.com/2020/07/nba-practice-courts-installed-at-coronado-springs-resort/
  18. Something with river imagery would be a good start. I found this from a site article from 2015.
  19. As with anything on Wikipedia, its public editable so anyone with a username can change things.
  20. Agreed, something about that desert red and light turquoise really goes together. Toss in the black and sand for accent and thats a good combo.
  21. I would assume they'll automatically award LA the next available ASG slot, which I think would be 2022 as Atlanta was awarded 2021 already.
  22. Boston had one as well I think.
  23. What are the gray ovals with red rectangles?
  24. Gold 2 Silver 5 Bronze 7
  25. That was a little diffcult earlier this year, as they were trying to keep race sites close to the hub of Charlotte for travel purposes, where many (if not all) of the race shops are located. Now the season is expanding out to other regions.