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  1. After further consideration, as the conversation on the subject has skewed off and no further updates have occurred this thread has been locked.
  2. I presume thats if the affiliation holds in Daytona. The were with Cincinnati before, but that agreement pretty much is useless after this whole reorg began.
  3. I forgot Charlotte wasn’t fully owned by the Rays. I know Ripken was the original primary owner, but that changed.
  4. I’ve seen a few folks in this thread say that the Charlotte Stone Crabs would be one of the teams folding in the FSL. Where exactly is this coming from? The Florida Fire Frogs are likely one of the ones to fold as they are pretty much homeless. Daytona is the other team at a non spring training venue, but are one of the more popular teams in the FSL based on attendance. I kinda hope someone falls on the sword for Daytona to survive.
  5. If I recall correctly, this stadium was originally supposed to be a new Patriots stadium (in another form) prior to Gillette Stadium being thought of.
  6. I guess this is the best place to ask, but are their really people who live in these towns that would pay to go to a AAA game vs a lower level game? I guess if I were in cities like Fresno and Wichita id be miffed about the change of league level, but its still affiliated baseball and you can still operate the same on a promotional level. Heck, your travel budget got slashed by dropping out of AAA. I guess thats just my mindset of working in MILB front offices before and seeing success, no matter the level of play on the field.
  7. I also have a personal wish that one of the FSL teams owned by MLB parents (in my mind Dunedin or Palm Beach) could fall on the sword to save Daytona. Theyre such a great draw for that market and if they are dissolved, there isn't really another league that could step in.
  8. Also noting Cedar Rapids was on one of the original rumor lists to be a cut team.
  9. South Florida has some new home and road unis Slight nod to some of the older unis they've worn in the past with the split workdmark.
  10. Mostly basketball and soccer I think. Baseball may have done a black version but i cant recall. It seems most of the slime green unis have been against UCF in the past year, and this week might be the first home game against UCF in football since slime green unis have been used (not black with bright neon).
  11. Does anyone know if there is/was a public link to the assessment of MILB ballparks? I'm curious to see how some were judged and which outliers could be on the outs.
  12. Just a reminder that any ad intrusion can be reported to the link in this thread: https://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/118476-spam-ad-report-link/