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  1. 3 hours ago, BigEd76 said:

    The most recent reports I read were that Daytona survived the cut, which leaves the Rays with a SAL team

    I presume thats if the affiliation holds in Daytona.  The were with Cincinnati before, but that agreement pretty much is useless after this whole reorg began.

  2. 11 hours ago, sportsfan7 said:

    The problem is, in order for the Fire Frogs to fold, someone else in the FSL has to as well. Unfortunately for Charlotte, 8 of the 12 FSL teams are owned by MLB teams and won't be cut, while Fort Myers has been all but confirmed to be back as a Twins affiliate and the Fire Frogs are as good as gone. That leaves one of Daytona or Charlotte on the chopping block. Personally, I think Daytona is gone, since they don't play in a Spring Training facility and were on both cut lists (Baseball America and New York Times). For the alignment I listed above, however, I used what @BigEd76 had written out. Unfortunately, it looks like if you want Daytona to survive, Charlotte will have to be the ones that fall on the sword.

    I forgot Charlotte wasn’t fully owned by the Rays.  I know Ripken was the original primary owner, but that changed.

  3. I’ve seen a few folks in this thread say that the Charlotte Stone Crabs would be one of the teams folding in the FSL.  Where exactly is this coming from?


    The Florida Fire Frogs are likely one of the ones to fold as they are pretty much homeless.  Daytona is the other team at a non spring training venue, but are one of the more popular teams in the FSL based on attendance.  I kinda hope someone falls on the sword for Daytona to survive.  

  4. 22 hours ago, 4_tattoos said:


    Wasn't a 40K seat stadium built just for UConn's ascension to Big East football nearly 20 years ago? Would hate to see such a relatively young stadium sit empty because it's primary tenant ceased operating.


    Maybe the stadium's ownership/operators could strike a deal with US Soccer to have the national teams host more friendlies there. Or make a bid to host the NCAA D1 men's lacrosse finals. Or even make a deal for Notre Dame to play "home games" there. They'd have to do something to justify the stadium's existence if UConn were to axe the football program.


    16 hours ago, rams80 said:


    All built with taxpayer dollars.  They ain't dropping football because the state lege will kill them.


    If I recall correctly, this stadium was originally supposed to be a new Patriots stadium (in another form) prior to Gillette Stadium being thought of.

  5. I guess this is the best place to ask, but are their really people who live in these towns that would pay to go to a AAA game vs a lower level game?  I guess if I were in cities like Fresno and Wichita id be miffed about the change of league level, but its still affiliated baseball and you can still operate the same on a promotional level. Heck, your travel budget got slashed by dropping out of AAA.


    I guess thats just my mindset of working in MILB front offices before and seeing success, no matter the level of play on the field.

  6. I also have a personal wish that one of the FSL teams owned by MLB parents (in my mind Dunedin or Palm Beach) could fall on the sword to save Daytona.  Theyre such a great draw for that market and if they are dissolved, there isn't really another league that could step in.

  7. 6 minutes ago, CaliforniaGlowin said:

    And their sports seem to have been using it more lately. 

    Mostly basketball and soccer I think.  Baseball may have done a black version but i cant recall.  It seems most of the slime green unis have been against UCF in the past year, and this week might be the first home game against UCF in football since slime green unis have been used (not black with bright neon).





  8. 56 minutes ago, BigEd76 said:

    Then what happens with the Angels and Dodgers?

    My assumption is that somehow we either see an 8 team Northwest League (to match the 8 team California league) and have the West division teams minus Texas and Houston out in those leagues for High and Low A.  As someone said earlier (I believe it was you), its possible some Pioneer League teams can be added to the NWL.  Going by footprint and ballparks, the best bet might be Orem and Ogden, but even that feels like a stretch.


    I guess its possible to have some remain in the Midwest League for high A, but not sure.

  9. 35 minutes ago, JH42XCC said:

    What are the chances that Richmond drops down to High-A and join the Mid-Atlantic League along with Brooklyn, Hudson Valley, and possibly Aberdeen, Jersey Shore, and West Virginia (Morgantown)?

    The thought has crossed my mind, but too many other variable at hand.

  10. 3 hours ago, BigEd76 said:

    Yeah with four leagues and 30 teams, at least one of the leagues (possibly two) will have only six teams. Midwest League had 16 teams and will be losing at least six of them, possibly half. Still need to figure out who is being added to the Northwest League to replace Tri-City and Salem-Keizer to get them back up to eight. I'm wondering if two out of Rocky Mountain, Ogden and Grand Junction actually survive the cut despite being on the original hit list? Once that's set, we'll need to figure out if Carolina League is going full-Carolinas or not with some promoted SAL teams to fill them out.



    I've heard talk that the Northwest League is also possibly a 6-team league at High A, so it is possible he other three leagues at High A could go with 8 per league, or two go 8 and one goes 10.

  11. 15 hours ago, ldconcepts said:

    Seems like the Caps are getting new helmets and pants, which match up with the info I got about their new third jerseys.


    EmprJMsXMAAOBHh?format=jpg&name=small     EkuektmXUAAYzAm?format=jpg&name=900x900

    The white helmet is the outlier, as white helmets get paired with white jerseys.



  12. So Brooklyn and Hudson Valley are in this new Midatlantic League.  Who else?


    I assume Jersey Shore fits the bill.  I did think Wilmington, but I have a hunch they move up to AA.  All three of the O's affiliates from AA to Low A are also in the footprint (Bowie, Frederick, and Delmarva) so who knows what will happen there.


    It's rumored to only be 6 teams, so that limits things too.

  13. 32 minutes ago, BigEd76 said:

    Any chance Richmond could be promoted to AAA, with the Nats or Orioles getting them and Norfolk going to the other?  Having them in the same division makes sense geographically.


    The only problem with that scenario is Nashville being left out.

    I wouldnt think so.  The stadium situation in Richmond isn't good and i don't think a new ballpark is on the horizon.  I think a shift to the Midatlantic High A league would be more likely if AA doesnt remain in place.

  14. 2 hours ago, Sec19Row53 said:

    Any chance that Wisconsin (Appleton) becomes the AAA affiliate of the Brewers? It makes locational sense and is one less Midwest League team to 'dispose of'. I have no idea which location it would replace at the AAA level - just curious.

    I would say its doubtful, but with Binghamton being saved and Somerset coming out of nowhere to AA anythings possible until its official.

  15. More info is coming out as to how a 2021 season might look, with temporary "bubbles".  I heard Tampa has been vetted as a possible location.




    Speculated divisions as follows:


    Division A

    How about reverting back to the old Adams Division for this one season?

    Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabres
    New Jersey Devils New York Islanders
    New York Rangers Philadelphia Flyers
    Pittsburgh Penguins Washington Capitals

    Division B

    Or Norris Division?

    Carolina Hurricanes Chicago Blackhawks
    Columbus Blue Jackets Detroit Red Wings
    Florida Panthers Nashville Predators
    St. Louis Blues Tampa Bay Lightning

    Division C

    Smythe Division anyone?

    Anaheim Ducks Arizona Coyotes
    Colorado Avalanche Dallas Stars
    Los Angeles Kings Minnesota Wild
    San Jose Sharks Vegas Golden Knights

    Canada division

    Last but not least, Patrick Division?

    Calgary Flames Edmonton Oilers
    Montreal Canadiens Ottawa Senators
    Toronto Maple Leafs Vancouver Canucks
    Winnipeg Jets


  16. 10 hours ago, njdevs7 said:


    Tampa Bay - A blue version of this just has potential to look good.






    If thats the jersey they end up reversing (Im still holding out little hope for the Storm alternate), at least slap the current primary or shoulder logo on the front.  


    Alas, I dont know if ill buy one of these.

  17. In my head, I keep trying to split AAA into 3 leagues.  I think it can be done, but I cant centralize a region of 8-12 teams easilly.  that could help the travel aspect of what they are attempting here.  


    I would be the only level of MILB to have just two leagues under the new system.