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  1. The only changes I recommend would be to flip the bolts on the jersey to their natural position (which would also conform best to the curvature of the players shoulder.  The other thig would be to streamline the front and back numbers.  It appears the front number is condensed shorter than the back number.  Choose one or the other.

  2. The colors are spot on what I think of when i think LA Rams.  The gradient is really only deterrant.  The ram head is a nice take on a the original Rams logo.


    The execution of the uniforms (any specifically the helmet) will make or break this.  Right now there are clearly two horns they can use on the helmet:


    - the gradient horn from the LA logo

    - the flat horn from the animal logo


    All in all, I like this evolution of the retro Rams, and God help the Rams if they slap anything but the horns on the helmet...



  3. 1 hour ago, colortv said:


    We don't really have any real basis for the Chargers.

    That’s why I said rumored...as seen in the LA identity thread a designer who assisted with other logos posted a graphic on Instagram.  Nothing definitive, but with the reason for the Rams going now to tie in with the telethon, the Chargers might want to do the same.

  4. On 3/21/2020 at 6:05 PM, FiddySicks said:

    Welp. I just ordered a Tom Brady jersey sight unseen. Was going to go with the alt so it was really sight unseen, but the idea of a pewter alt scared me off. We’ll see how huge of a mistake this ends up being. 

    I did see they are pre-selling an alt jersey for Brady....so that confirms something.  Pewter should be it, but the thought of red numbers scares me from that for now.

  5. 56 minutes ago, FiddySicks said:

    This is so strange. I’ve absolutely HATED Tom Brady his entire career. He’s the ultimate dream killer, and represents so much of what I don’t like about sports and culture. Also, if you would’ve told me at any point before this week that he was going to sign with the Bucs, I would’ve told you to put the crack pipe down. 


    That being said, I can’t NOT be excited about this. The Bucs are absolutely ignored by the rest of the league (for good reason), so it’s nice to finally have them in the spotlight again. That’s something that’ll take getting used to. 


    Also, I look at it like this. Either he does Tom Brady things and the Bucs are finally super competitive and fun to watch again (Remember, it’s been over a decade since they’ve even made the playoffs), or the Bucs are the forever Bucs and he gets his teeth kicked out of his skull for two seasons. Either scenario is good with me.


    I cant agree with you on the part about Brady getting his teeth kicked in, but the fact that the Bucs just went from irrelevant to uber-relevant in less than a week boggles my mind.  I havent been this hyped for a season since the Gruden era.


    With Brady in town and so many matchups that are TV gold (Brees twice, Rodgers, Mahomes, @ Raiders in Vegas) i foresee some Sunday night and prime time games for damn sure.  Bucs-Saints on Thanksgiving night would be so epic.  There's been talk around here in Tampa about "what if" Week 1 Sunday Night Football is the opening of Vegas Raiders stadium with Brady and the Bucs in town....

  6. I posted this as a reply to a poll in the polls thread, but figure might get more discussion here.  Since we are on the verge of a 17th game, and since the surrent schedule structure is setup so well for 16 games, how would you propose the opponent for game 17 be selected?


    I read a plan where there would be 1 "protected opponent" from the other conference that you play annually (think like what the SEC does with cross division opponents (LSU-Florida, etc).  You could see Miami-Tampa Bay, Jets-Giants, Philly-Pittsburgh, Rams-Chargers.  The only catch is some years you might play that team twice for a home and home. 


    I'll take a spin on that and say I think teams could be given 2 protected opponents from the other conference that alternate every other year.  Preferably both would be relatively close in distance (ie. Tampa Bay would alternate years with Miami and Jacksonville, Pittsburgh could have Philadelphia and Detroit)

  7. 3 hours ago, Kramerica Industries said:


    This would be, by far, the most relevant Tampa Bay has ever been from a national point-of-view. Nothing else even comes close.

    The only thing that comes close is firing Dungy and hiring Gruden.

  8. On 3/11/2020 at 1:11 PM, tohasbo said:

    As far as I know, the plan for "league-wide" throwback games is still on for 2020-21, except for Vegas (unless there is a fauxback planned).

    To spin off of this Icethetics on Twitter over the weekend the following.  Could be interesting to say the least, and if they use current logos or throwback logos is unknown.



  9. 2 minutes ago, IceCap said:

    I'm buying a Brady Bucs jersey I don't even care. 

    Im still trying to wrap my head around this.  News is trending the right direction and this is going to make Tampa Bay relevant again.  I hope the city is ready for what is coming...the fanbase will explode.

  10. My thought is that if Tampa Bay and the Chargers are the top 2 landing spots, both are in different situations.  Chargers can afford to wait it out if Brady wants to mull it over, because if the draft comes about Chargers are in position to draft a QB.  Tampa on the other hand kinda has to hope Brady makes a quick decision, otherwise they need to move on to other options because you dont want to be stuck without a chair when the music stops.

  11. 4 minutes ago, AustinFromBoston said:

    If Brady wants to compete, Bucs are actually a better option, believe it or not.

    Unbiased, outside of running back the offensive weapons are solid (Evans, Godwin, Howard, Brate).  The O-Line is questionable at best but who knows.


    Tampa Bay wouldnt mind the bump in attendance and the return to relevance from the media can be huge.

  12. 19 hours ago, Dilbert said:

    Looks like MLB is now delayed until at least Mid May. Either we are gonna have a shorter season or we are gonna get our first December World Series

    They were never going to start before May 1st with this initial decision.  I would doubt they want to push back the World Series any later.  Imagine playing the WS around Thanksgiving in places like Minneapolis, New York, Boston, etc.

  13. 10 minutes ago, GrimlockAutobot said:

























    I for one did not want a return the the throwbacks.  Teams should always move forward an evolve, even if its a modification of something from the past.


  14. On 3/14/2020 at 11:09 PM, AustinFromBoston said:

    Surpised San Diego isn't in the running. 


    Really thought that would be the first expansion term. 

    I feel like venue uncertainty is an issue there.  If anything, LA might relocate there.  I could also see the Vipers go to Orlando.