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  1. I like thick striping on baseball uniforms.
  2. Well, they're currently piggybacking off the majority of the league by being an RWB team.They never blatantly tried to copy some team with RWB, they're franchise roots in navy and blue trace back to 1926, before teams even cared about identity.To be honest I guess it's OK for New York and Washington to have multiple teams with the same color scheme, but that's only because those colors are significant to the city, the only thing purple and yellow about Minnesota is the Vikings. It's not even a Kings yellow and gold thing where, while they're copying another team in the city's color scheme, it's also significant to the name.
  3. Last night's game was good for the Bears. Maybe if the team finishes 3-13 some changes will actually be made.
  4. They're not even the biggest mess in their own metro area. The Wild are currently wearing three very different uniforms. They're probably the biggest contender but at least they only have three uniforms and a consistent color scheme.
  5. Oh I forgot front numbers on two jerseys but not on the other two jerseys as well.
  6. No. Honestly at least there's only helmet and two uniforms, plus the Cowboys USUALLY look the same, as the navy's are essentially special circumstance uniforms that they never wear by choice.
  7. Yeah but wouldn't this look good? Way too copycatish for me. It would just be so blatantly trying to blend with the Vikings. IMO besides Pittsburgh no two teams in the same city should have the same color scheme.
  8. Sure they're hideous, but they're consistent across the board. I'm talking more about teams with multiple completely different looks.
  9. The biggest mess of an identity in pro sports? Gold only on their home uniforms, three completely different style wordmarks, pinstripes/piping/trim depending on the uniform, three different shoulder patches. Excluding random one-off uniforms, are there any teams that have been more mismatched?
  10. Purple and yellow would be horrendous for the Twins, what kind of way of standing out is dressing up as another team in your own own city? It REEKS of piggy backing of another team's identity. I have no problem with the Twins ditching the navy and red, but that's one of the worst solutions.
  11. I think sleeves could work as long as they're not on any NBA uniforms.
  12. I like the cuffs, though I don't think it'll stand out in action. Overall though, change for the sake of change (and money).
  13. That Montreal road uniform are probably my favorite greys in MLB history.
  14. Evury camo cap cuz MURICA!!!!!!!111