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  1. I like thick striping on baseball uniforms.
  2. Last night's game was good for the Bears. Maybe if the team finishes 3-13 some changes will actually be made.
  3. It's amazing, that Bruins alt looks so good IMO, but I hate it because it's completely unnecessary sincr their regular home looks a lot better.
  4. The all-black hat was atrocious, but that one is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine. However on the field it just didn't pop at all.
  5. While the white pants were unpopular, my opinion is that the Buccaneers, when they actually, y'know, dressed like a pro football team, didn't look good overall when they wore the white pants. With the pewter pants there was a perfect color balance to compliment a simple but nice design, however when they wore white pants it was mostly pewter on top and literally none anywhere else. Yuck.
  6. Those powder blues are hideous, and genuinely cause me stress as someone with OCD about symmetry.
  7. It's the perfect blend of big logo, asymmetrical design, color scheme and complete lack of reverence for any guideline to uniform design previously upheld, that Jaguars uniform is everything 90's uniforms have to offer besides gradients.
  8. That Thrashers jersey would have looked good if they'd changed literally everything about it.
  9. Sorry, I didn't read all that... I was was too busy staring at the best uniform in football. Hey, can you tell me what you find attractive about this uniform? No sarcasm at all here, I'm honestly curious. Not everything can be handwaved as "personal opinion," and I wonder just what it is that you and others see that I don't? Sure. To me, one of the absolute hallmarks of design (and one that's being blown out of the water in the current climate of sports design) is economy. Along with symmetry, variety, harmony, etc., economy is one of the basic principles of organization. I tell me students all the time, if you can tell the story with 5 lines, sometimes that's all you need. (But usually, they just keep drawing anyway.) Just like writing, cooking... hell, anything, there's a point when you've nailed it, and anything added is just superfluous filler, cluttering up the perfect statement. Of course, its personal preference... I say "simple and complete", you say "plain and lacking" but by my standards of design (no, not just "nostalgia".... the 60's Falcons don't mean anything to me) this is perfect. So you like it because it's simple? So why do you love this dreck and not other unis with no actual design to them?
  10. I was gonna make a joke about the Cubs and World Series teams but it never sounded right, please ignore this post.
  11. There's potential (Red helmet and black jersey is a really nice combo), but yeah it's very plain with some annoying flaws. You didn't even mention the unspeakably out of place gold on the helmet either.
  12. In before someone says that's better than what the Bucs wear now…Well...it is...
  13. Yep instead they have a "belongs on a word document" font.
  14. This. So much this.However I would way rather see long pants than stirrups So you'd rather players look like complete tools instead of a little silly?
  15. To be honest that almost seems as big of a stretch as the people who said the piping on the Blues' Edge unis represent the St. Louis Arch. And the throwbacks are awesome. I mean yeah the logo sucks, but it's the same on the prototypes with an inferior color scheme.
  16. With time I've also gotten used to the Bucs look. Ditch the pewter pants and socks, add an orange jersey with white letters and NOB and we're golden 'til the next rebrand. No you are not at all. Any team wearing that knock-off alarm clock font will automatically look unspeakably bad no matter what.
  17. Here's one I've almost feared telling, while I ADORE their home uniforms and even like their road uniforms (though a white version of their home would be superior and I hate the imbalance of red and blue on the uniforms), I'm not really a fan on the Canadiens logo. It has potential to be a good letter logo as the H within a C could make it so the top half could be perfectly symmetrical to the bottom half, but as is that's not the case.
  18. Those Oilers uniforms wouldn't have seemed too bad compared too many of the other Edge disasters that year.
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