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  1. March in upstate New York could be iffy. Look at Richmond (Fairgrounds) and Rockingham. They both had really early race dates and often had pratfalls with bad weather. Yea. Probably that will happen. Well June would have been better.
  2. This is really crazy. Nike is trying to make the all of the NFL look like the Bucs and the Jags.
  3. Worst. Uniforms. Ever.IMO,the Rainbow Astros were better than the others later. The "Family" era of the Pirates were the best unis in baseball. Ever.
  4. Sometimes I see those posts of the day traveling back into the boards history. And IMO we should have a POTD council.
  5. Artest is in the stands!:The Malice at the Pailce The rise and fall of the 2011 Pirates
  6. Watkins Glen is my favorite road course. I'd love to see them run the NASCAR course twice a year, one of those in the Chase of course.Yes....I like Glen. I feel that the Glen should have a March and October date. BTW,which other underdogs will go into the 2014 Chase for the Sprint Cup?
  7. That was a GREAT win for AJ. He really deserves that. I cant belive that AJ is in the chase.
  8. Man,I can't belive this is happening. I got up this moring,got my coffee,turned it in to SC and I saw this sad and horrible incident. If Smoke should not drive the 14,let Sam Horinsh Jr drive it.This is a very sad moring for the mortorsports world. I can relate this to Jason Leffer's fatal crash last year. *sigh* Now would you please join me in a moment of silence. Thank you.
  9. Nepal is the only flag in the world that is not square or retanglular. It is comprised of one small and one big triangle.Ohio would like a word with you. facepalm
  10. Nepal is the only flag in the world that is not square or retanglular. It is comprised of one small and one big triangle. did you know that wasn't always the Nepal flag Yea,I forgot to say that! Thanks for bringing it up!