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  1. Love the script Owls on home whites!
  2. The really great thing about this is that the university is not going to actually do this. This is a fictional concept based on the actual history of Western Michigan University. It's a concept. For fun!
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I can assure you that is not the process I took
  4. I understand the thought process behind that. However, WMU's history is what is it is. The whole idea is to return to the beginnings of Western State Normal School. If Wyoming has similar colors then so be it. Maybe a brown and vegas gold color scheme would be better suited for it?
  5. Rebrand for my alma mater Western Michigan University. We aren't sure if we are black, gold, old gold, grey, or brown. I think the Brown and Old Gold is a great scheme and it's time to return to our roots. Enjoy. Uniforms to follow!
  6. Took me a few weeks but I've finally finished the concept for this. Let me know what you guys think!
  7. Take two is below. The pink circle still looks a bit uneven to me. I'm going to have to play around with that. Do you guys like the different background? I also made the pink pop more. If you're going to use pink, you better use it! Any and all C&C appreciated!
  8. I'm rebranding one of my baseball teams in my fictional league, the National Baseball League, from the Miami Pirates to the Florida Flamingos. I want them to be bright, exciting, Miami-esque and I'm just having trouble getting it to where I want it. Any and all C&C is appreciated. Thanks friends!
  9. As a Bronco, I hate the maroon & gold. But all bias aside, this is a good simple look. They've had good football uniforms in the past and seems like you based these off them. I like it. Looking forward to WMU!!
  10. This is really fun. I always wondered why more people didn't make the Astros into more space-y type stuff. That blue jersey is really awesome. Looking forward to the rest.
  11. I also made a Tyke character with our primary uniforms
  12. I definitely see both issues. I think I was trying to fit the last name into the "sweatbox" area and it just didn't work that well. Thanks for the C&C!
  13. Hey guys, Been awhile since I posted. Just wanted to share with you all the alternate uniforms I designed for my fictional university football team for the upcoming fall! "PURSUIT" uniform largely inspired by the concept on this board awhile ago. The helmet resembles a plume and other Knight imagery throughout the uniform. Throwback 1988 Homecoming Uniform Hope you guys like it!
  14. How do you go about seeing the pages under the "Fantasy" section?
  15. These are great. Can't wait for Western Michigan!