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  1. @OhioSportsMan61 You forgot Tampa Bay... They are in between the Kings and the Maple Leafs on the Adidas catalog page.
  2. @csura999 I love the change of the Red Sox logo and then had it match the actual socks, look really cool. Also, if you are going for the "Miami Vice" look, what would the Miami script that the Heat use look like on one of the alternates for the Marlins? Can't wait to see the Blue Jays!
  3. Looks good, but the striping of the Pens set is off. It should be flipped horizontally on the back
  4. @ZionEagle Thanks man. It looks awesome!!
  5. If you do end up taking requests, I'd love a Ryan Smyth, Leon Draisaitl, and Oscar Klefbom. Thanks
  6. These are awesome. I can't wait to see how you plan to tackle Edmonton
  7. I'd LOVE one of those as well. The only thing is, to go with the player name in the weird font or just Alberta in standard block :S