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  1. I thought these were great as an alternate look- to be worn a few times a season. Unfortunately, the Flyers, like a few other teams in the late '90s/ early 00's (Florida, Ottawa, Washington, San Jose) took cool-looking ALTERNATE looks and promoted them to full-time status, taking away from A)- seeing a different color combination or a different take on the logo, and B)- making a generally fun occasional look the full-time look. I always thought these were really cool different takes on the main visual identity of these teams, and perfect as alternate jerseys. It was when they got promoted to full-time or playoff road (then home) jerseys that they lost their luster.
  2. I've noticed over the past few years, that I've really gotten over a personal peeve of mine where I wanted everything in a uniform or logo to match. An example: I used to dislike that TORONTO was solid, while BLUE JAYS the distinctive split-lettering. I always wanted the TORONTO to match, so everything could be nice and neat and perfect. Now, when I look at the Blue Jays logo, I really like that Toronto is different than Blue Jays; it helps to break up the logo. Another one: I always wanted the helmet to have the same 2 stripes as the jersey and the pants. While I still think that would be preferable to the one stripe, I think the mismatched stripes give the look a little bit of personality, and prevents it from looking too over-designed, where everything HAS to match. Same thing with the Maple Leafs' current look: The single stripe on the jersey hem and the pants (rather than carrying the 2-stripe theme throughout) helps to break up the look and prevents a look where everything matches TOO well. These are things that used to bother me, but now I have started to lean the other way, and it doesn't bother me as much when things like stripe color/size/outline/layout don't bother me as much as they used to when the exact theme doesn't repeat over the entire uniform. Do you have any personal logo/uniform "rules" that you've relaxed, or changed thoughts entirely on?
  3. I really want to like the Flyers' RR jerseys, but the white cuff on the sleeves just keeps making me think of a Walmart/Target cheap off-brand jersey.
  4. I think black, used very sparingly like on outlines and maybe a black-brimmed/ blue crowned alternate hat, while keeping blue as the dominant color, could have looked really good. I too prefer the current set, but the Black Jays look could have been pretty good too. Keep the undershirts, socks, and hats blue, though.
  5. While I love the actual Nord's color scheme, I do like the double blue look- it just looks icy and northern and cold, fitting for the team name.
  6. In 1980, all 4 major Philadelphia sports teams made it their respective finals. Only the Phillies won, but it must have been a fun year for sports fans.
  7. I do think the Texans did a shockingly good job considering the disaster a 2002-era expansion team could have been. Not perfect, but much better than it could have been.
  8. I was just going to post this same picture. I prefer the single large logo. I believe the Flyers and Canadiens were the last 2 teams to have the 2 small logos, with Montreal changing last year.
  9. ^^^ Is that a new alternate Mariners mark (the "M" with the compass rose on the scorebug), or just used for TV?
  10. The Philadelphia Flyers have used the same primary logo since their inception in 1967. This was also their jersey logo until 1981/82. In 1981/82, they switched just the jersey logo to this alternate version that uses slightly more angled wings. The original logo is still the Primary and is used everywhere; at center ice, on merchandise, on TV graphics, even the logo stickers on the players' helmets use this logo. The alternate, angled version seems to only be used on the front jersey crest. Does anyone know why they started to use, and continue to use this other logo on the jersey fronts only? Personally, I actually like the angled wing jersey logo more. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!
  11. I think these uniforms were pretty awesome for a 90's expansion team. The gradient was a new effect in MLB, but not hideously overdone. I think they went backwards and became less "fun" with each change they made.
  12. I would be really interested in hearing about it when you can post.
  13. The Islanders seem to have made the "wave" design much more pronounced than the original prototypes were. The prototypes, modeled here, have angled stripes on the bottom of the jersey: While the actual production jerseys have a much "wavier" pattern: Obviously, changes are made to production jerseys all the time vs early prototypes, but I've never seen this one discussed here, and I was wondering what you guys think about it.
  14. 1996: Colorado Avalanche vs Pittsburgh Penguins instead of the Florida Panthers. 2 high-flying offensive teams (they played to a 6-6 tie earlier that season) instead of the Avs crushing a clutch-and-grab Panthers team. I still think the Avalanche win, but a Finals with Sakic, Forsberg, and Roy vs Mario and Jagr would have been incredible. (Also, if the Panthers don't make it all the to the Finals, does the NHL devolve into the clutch-and-grab Dead Puck era, or possibly other teams emulate the high-flying offense of those 2 teams?)
  15. Would white shoes help even the look out?
  16. Some of my favorite uniforms are ones that push boundaries, but don't go overboard and know how to keep things restrained when they have to. Whether it's an unusual color or striping pattern, you can still identify it as a professional team uniform. For example: Baseball: The original Devil Rays uniforms used a gradient, but were otherwise a fairly traditional set. Football: the Bengals. Tiger stripes on a football uniform? Sounds ridiculous. But because they were kept within traditional football uniform striping areas, they really worked. Hockey: San Jose Sharks. Teal and silver, teal hadn't been seen since the Golden Seals in the 1970's, and although it's a fairly outlandish color, the traditional hockey striping keeps it grounded. Does anyone else enjoy uniforms that kind of stand out or push boundaries without looking like clown suits? Obviously this is a very subjective matter, but those are some of my favorites.
  17. This log has always reminded me of bitch Stewie
  18. Also the St. Louis Blues in the mid 90's. I actually really liked the white jersey in this set. The road jersey was a bit garish with all the red, but toned down a little, it could've looked good.
  19. the past few years, I've noticed a lot of players using this very shiny clear tape on their socks (like the Bruins player in the pics above). I don't remember seeing that in the past, guys always used matching-color tape. It just sticks out in a cheap looking way. Anyone know if there is a reason for that?
  20. This is something that a couple teams did in the late 90's/early 2000's. The Flyers' black jerseys were awesome as once-in-a-while alternates, but then eventually they replaced the orange jerseys as the playoff roads, and then the oranges were phased out entirely. The Stars, Senators, Flames, Panthers, and Sharks all did likewise, promoting alternates to full-time road status. Not all were bad looks, but some seemed cooler as alternate looks that you saw occasionally.
  21. Just want to say this is a really interesting topic, and thanks for all the research you're doing
  22. Do the names on back look very small to anyone else? Almost like everyone has the Penguins' style names, very compact.
  23. You put into words something that's bothered me for years about certain teams in all sports, and I could never really explain it. Of course, the Penguins are an excellent team, but they never seem to be put into bad situations by shoddy officiating. Any borderline call either benefits them, or doesn't hurt them. I never see them killing a bs penalty late in a game, or getting called for a ticky-tack hold in the first period that leads to them playing from behind right off the bat. They do seem to get these types of calls in their favor though. The same thing applies to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, New York Yankees (at least during their late '90s/ early 2000's run). Of course, I'm not watching every second of every game to see the calls that go against them, but it certainly FEELS like certain teams are always benefiting from close/ borderline calls.
  24. Whenever I see older pictures of Steelers players, they look so much better with the block numbers. Does anyone know why they changed?
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