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  1. Clippers,Sabres,Thunder,Rockets and Maple Leafs
  2. why not giving it to Oklahoma City, well the Thunder is really bad and they hosted the Hornets after Katrina
  3. what thing don't you like of your favourite team?i hate watching the Lakers in white
  4. rugby will never take off in USA compared to "foot"ball
  5. i would ask can they reach Western Finals without Manu? answer: i don't think so
  6. i hope Lakers get rid of white uniforms once and for all
  7. this "logo" doesn't remind you of the WNBA New York Liberty?it does to me, with the difference we see the Statue in the Liberty logo
  8. Everything is freaking 8. as far as i know it's said in chinese culture that number 8 is for fortune
  9. Pacers @ Knicks January 10 1995 3 River Plate(Argentine football) games as home team 1 Platense(Argentine football) game as home team for yankees replace football with soccer
  10. Still doesn't save it from being a bad logo. bad for this "logo" is good please throw this piece of s... to the garbage and make something decent