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  1. I hope you will do the "Huskies" court soon.
  2. You are aware that you are way, way behind schedule, right?
  3. Great! And they all look nice in order for each team. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see what's coming up next.
  4. That's good, but when I looked them up, the 1975-1979 court was still missing. But now I'm wondering what courts are you gonna show us in the near future. Maybe it's the Toronto ASG court or something.
  5. I have noticed that in your Flickr database, there is no Celtics court shown from 1971-1979. And also certain courts, although they are not used anymore, there are still some "(-present)" showing. Just thought I'D let you know. Anyway, great work on those courts.
  6. Since you are now involved with The Gridiron Uniform Database, could you please let them know that their contact is deffective? I tried to contact them regarding some teams from the 2015 season that they have not put them to close-up yet, but when I tried to send my message, a 404 error was displayed. I would really appreciate that.
  7. The end zone patterns remind me of the Heidi Game (Jets vs. Raiders) on 11/17/1968.
  8. There's a full game of the 1988 NFC Divisional Playoff (Eagles vs. Bears) a.k.a. the Fog Bowl showing on YouTube. Something that can be a pretty good reference for this thread.
  9. I was curious of this myselfDitto. Very unusual indeed.
  10. You forgot to put "Day 12 posted" on the main title.
  11. It is pretty random right now. My only criteria is I want to make sure I have a good mix of older and modern uniforms, and I want to cover all the teams in a reasonable amount of posts. Every once in a while I will have themes with the daily post. For example, Day 14 will be color from top to bottom. St. Patrick's day will most likely feature all green, and opening day will probably include all Opening Day only jerseys. I'll be showing a lot of batting practice uniforms during Spring Training. And I guess on Canada Day and Independence Day you'll be posting uniforms specifically for these dates.
  12. And in Dressed to the Nines, the coloured unis templates look faded and in low resolution, not to mention that their templates changed from the mid 1990s. In the Diamond Uniform Database, a backside template should be added as well. Also, statistics like in the Gridiron Uniform Database.
  13. Will we ever see the Diamond Uniform Database be completed someday as well?
  14. Now all that's left is the one for the upcoming season and gonna realy be up-to-date.
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