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  1. New San Francisco Giants "Golden Gate Fog" Nike City Connect uniform for MLB 2K12: https://www.mvpmods.com/files/file/11570-nike-city-connect-uniforms-set-2021/?changelog=0
  2. Thanks. In this set you can see my fantasy version of two Rockies themed ASG/Home run derby uniforms: The real uniforms are avialable too. The game can manage only two logos, one per team, during the game. So I used league instead team logos for each squad: Here is the link of the full ASG set with real and fantasy uniforms for 2021 event in MLB 2K12. You need to have the game already installed and suscribe to MVPmods.com If you want to download and use this set. It's really free. No tricks, link shorters or advertising: https://www.mvpmods.com/files/file/11595-2021-all-star-game-uniforms-special-set/ BTW, MVPmods is a site to download only modifications of PC baseball games. Please don't ask for any game itself or piracy related file. You need to have your own working copy.
  3. Thanks. I draw them with vector graphics software and then I export them to PNG.
  4. Some pictures for Arizona Diamondbacks uniform:
  5. Hiere are some scripts and logos I traced myself, in order to make my versions of city connect uniforms for the game. I've got the source vectors too. I hope they are useful: Please, anybody tell me if there is another more formal way to upload this, or there is a specific thread for it.
  6. Hello, guys. My name is Vladimir Altuve, AKA umachines. I've spent several years downloading logos from this site for my MLB uniforms projects for MLB 2K12 PC baseball. You can check what I use Chris' logos for here: https://www.mvpmods.com/profile/193-umachines/content/?type=downloads_file And some few samples in the game: Well, the fact is that sometimes I don't find certain logo, or the one I find is not exactly what I wanted. In those cases, I try to make my own version for that specific project, but that logo or script just dies there. I've sent some of them to this site via e-mail, but I guess most of the times they get lost among many other messages. So I want to post a couple of them here, in case they can be used by anyone, or even added to this site, as retribution for so many ones I've taken from here before: I have some few more, but the lastest one I looked for and didn't find was this one: Rigt Now I'm Working on my own version of city connect uniforms for this game, and I've made my scripts for that task. I can be uploading those clean files if needed.
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