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  1. The front and back numbers seem small.
  2. The word mark needs serious help. Looks very jumbled. Keep the "A"s re-do the rest. Something more simple to read. Maybe an "A" on the side of the pants with a contrail for the stripe?
  3. Switch the Blue/Purple with the darker gray. Leave the light gray.
  4. Have a ball flying through the stacks. From front to back.
  5. I like it. Maybe a subtle weathered effect to the shield to mimic the worn look of the Alamo?
  6. The secondary logo reminds me of a Little League World Series team hat.
  7. For some reason I see a whale's fin. Am I wrong? A more rounded approach may help that out.
  8. I think people that are designing are smart enough to push themselves without a hundred different ideas being thrown at them. If you have a ton of suggestions, it is no longer "your" idea. Saying "It lack creativity" is just that. One should take from that to think outside of the box and be more creative. If designers want their hands held through every process then they shouldn't be designing. I could tell this person exactly what to do being in the art field for 25 years. Would it then be their idea or mine?
  9. Lacks creativity doesn't help the person with their design?? I get deleted for that? Seriously, it lacks creativity. It looks like a basketball design on a hockey jersey. If that's what they were going for, then great! It still lacks creativity!
  10. Don't make the left the same as the right. No mountain is symmetrical.