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  1. I do not think they are white tips. Since the logo in the video is 3D... it created a white glare. You can pause the video and then slide the time bar slowly. Toward the end...you can see the accent on the wings are filled in all red.
  2. The crazy thing is the Cavs changing it up to wear the black sleeved jersey's for The Finals Game #5 and #7. No one saw that coming... maybe changing to the Wine "CLEVELAND" road jersey because of the losses. After they won, the amount of black "C" Championship gear available was insane! I wonder too if Cavs will phase out the blue. Black was part of their color scheme in mid 90s... when The Arena opened. Monsters always used wine and black in their jersey design, no gold. The logo was always black with the gold eye... no wine. So, they still haven't gotten the jersey and logo marriage right. Here is a link to the (3) jersey designs. (Sorry, I cannot access and post from photo sharing sights while at work) They will also have a gold alternate. They state that they will have the Blue Jacket themed alternate as well. Click and Scroll down for Jersey designs
  3. http://www.wsmv.com/story/32719721/lake-erie-monsters-change-name-get-new-uniforms I guess it's fine. It loses the identity of tying in to the urban legend of "The Lake Erie Monster". I like the uniforms.
  4. This is a great topic! I never understood why in the AFC Championship games, the home team would put the opposing teams name in the other end zone. Seattle at LA Raiders had this as well. I remember being mad because the BRONCOS did not put BROWNS in their end zone at Mile High. Quick Note- The Drive game at Cleveland had green end zones. The end zones were not painted brown. The entire field was basically painted green to look like grass. Some angles the end zones appear darker, if you notice one the close up shots at the goal line... you can see they are green. 0:39 Seconds in. And disgustingly at 8:36 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWGx_P9KPZg
  5. It seems that the placement of the Conference Logos is because of TV. I am wondering if there is a branding or marketing scheme for the NFL. When looking at the field on TV, the conference logos will be at the top of your TV screen, the team logo would be at the bottom of your screen. Other than that... i have no idea what they are doing.
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