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  1. I also read it as S2 so the 8 could be reworked a bit. Might pay to consider scale in this as well. I imagine it will appear quite small in practical applications so weights and negative space will play a large role. The C and the inner script are quite different in style - I wonder if the container/C was more alike to the inner script it would feel more cohesive?
  2. The badger option would be stronger if the green and the white swapped. So the badger was fully white and the bottom bar was green. Nice options though.
  3. Final update: Tweaked the jaw division as mentioned and also tidied the standalone tiger.
  4. Thanks all for the feedback. Noted. I made some tweaks based on your suggestions. Slightly taller overall head Lower section of the beard cleaned up I'm hung up on the intersection of where the upper jaw and the lower jaw are divided - I may make a subtle adjustment here.
  5. Hi all I took a quick run at updating/modernising the Castleford Tigers (West Yorkshire Super League team) logo. C&C welcome.
  6. Thanks all - Some great great suggestions there. I'll look to add/refine when I next get the chance.
  7. Hi guys - I was looking through the logos on the site and noticed a few comments under Beloit Snappers suggesting an update was required. So i took a run at it for a bit of fun. There's potential to create a few smaller components (cap logo, shoulder patch, word mark, etc.) from the base parts here. Feel free to share your thoughts.
  8. Hopefully not stepping on any toes here but I took a run at the left NC State mark above. A modern interpretation of it anyway.
  9. Few small tweaks - especially to the "wattle" on the chin. @moomdesign @kewp80 - still somewhat testicular but less so i think. And not as bad as this... Thanks all for the feedback!
  10. spark the wires + stoke the fires

  11. They definitely do look like a pair, i wondered if i would get that comment. I think its the roundness of the bottom section and the split between them. Could use a revision! Thanks man.
  12. I wont dispute the fact that you're a fan! The ID says it all. Both of those former logos are great; I'm a big fan of the old marks. I'd definitely take EASTS TO WIN over the current logo any day. It would for sure be unique in the comp - a cleanup wouldn't though. wow just wow... this must be one the best looking logos I have ever seen on this forum! Beautiful details! There is just one thing, it's the shading on top of the roosters tail. Seems to me like it's a bit off (maybe it's just me). Other than that, great work Cheers for the kind words! The darker section of the tail or how the individual feathers sit?
  13. Here's an idea or rather my attempt at a refresh for the NRL team - Sydney Roosters - I think the current marks are dated and a bit rough to be honest. I thought it would be fun to make up a new set. I've created a chief logo (portrait), wordmark, shoulder/chest badge and landscape lockup. Let me know your thoughts! Cheers