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  1. The only reason why the Dodgers and Lakers are in LA in the first place is partly due to the success of the Rams. They were here first. BUT...the purple and the Azul HAVE won a LOT more than the Rams ever have. If the Rams had won a few more Super Bowls (or NFL championships) things might be different.
  2. Yeah and Kroenke would have had to put up some of his own money to pay for that stadium.
  3. So I tweeted this I’ll never resort to wearing bootleg gear that looks nothing like what the team would actually wear.
  4. And that’s why I love the Rams head. Kind of an update of the first one.
  5. They’ve been in Indianapolis longer than they were in Baltimore so...
  6. That’s how I feel about this logo. I’m seeing it everywhere, but it’s never going to be official. I don’t even think it’s an improvement. It’s cramming too much.
  7. I like it. Now I’m waiting on the uniforms. Keep it simple, stupid. Although with Nike in charge...
  8. This Dodgers fan actually likes this uniform
  9. This as well. Guess that announcement must be real.
  10. So I tweeted this to our dear leader and an associate. Buzz about it is already popping up. Hmm...
  11. Nope they actually wore white pants with that jersey. Thank god they switched back to gold.
  12. Aaaaaaaand the season is over.