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  1. I kinda hope the Padres go with cream as well. Personally I think the brown and hints of yellow would look great. Just make the cap solid...with a white and yellow (gold?) SD (and yellow squishee or whatever you call that button). And that yellow jersey is OUTSTANDING. They’d sell like hot cakes. Even I’d buy one.
  2. I swear Hat Club has a hat like that EDIT: Not quite, but close
  3. I still wish that Rams face mask was gray.
  4. Running backs “look best” when their numbers are in the 30s, specifically 32, 33, and 34. Fullbacks “look best” in numbers 40-49.
  5. I thought I read somewhere they were going away from that logo
  6. Bolded for emphasis. Many of the average fans can’t even afford to go to a game anymore. I just KNOW that new arena in SF is going to be pricey. If they do build that new Clippers arena it’ll be the same way. The 90s were almost 30 years ago. It’s time that decade gets the throwback love like the other eras have received.
  7. Too bad it most likely won’t be sold at any US stores. I’d jump on that Argos cap.
  8. I still wish for the day my Dodgers would have a Sunday cream home jersey. No name on back, thicker numbers, and no LA side patch.
  9. I like cream jerseys...not only in baseball, but other sports as well. Helps break up the monotony of white jerseys without being dark. If the Lakers white jersey was a light cream I’d be SUPER happy. And I still pray for the day of a cream Dodgers jersey with the fatter numbers, NNOB, and no shoulder patches.
  10. Whenever I played Madden I ALWAYS had them in their white uniforms, specifically all-white. It just looks right to me.
  11. Percy Miller DID try out for the Raptors and Hornets...and also, this.
  12. THIS. When I go to Dodgers road games, I want to wear the same jersey they’ll have on on the field. It’s yet to happen. I’ll have on Los Angeles; they’ll have on Dodgers. And I agree with the batting practice jersey. Hopefully they wear it for Think Blue week. It looks great with the white pants. Hell, it looks great with the grey ones as well.
  13. Make it cream and it would be a cool fauxback/Sunday jersey