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    I LIKE the Rams’ uniforms. Deal with it.
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    The history of sports logos and sports stadiums
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  1. After seeing the photo, I had to tweet this question to the team.
  2. I notice the Dodgers are wearing their primary roads a LOT more this season. That’s a good thing.
  3. Wish they had graphics like this for all of the teams
  4. And that’s EXACTLY what this program -as well as the one in the NBA - is for.
  5. Cleveland Municipals? Honestly I’d be cool with that.
  6. Funny how the Astros one has an asterisk on the cowboy hat lol
  7. And vice versa (vice colors on the normal template). Boom; a couple more years of new jerseys.
  8. Actually…having an all-white uniform with the LOGOS in a vice colors gradient doesn’t sound too bad…
  9. Nice read from a 2019 ESPN article https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28224466/behind-wide-receivers-numbers-shift-why-nfl-best-donning-nos-10-19
  10. Did people back in the day complain when a QB wore 60, a HB wore 16, an FB wore 3, and wideouts wore 25 and 21…with a DB wearing 81? Not all on the same team obviously…
  11. Can’t believe the Dodgers actually wore their primary road jerseys last night. At least I THINK they’re still their primaries; they’ve worn the Dodgers script on the road so much one would think they changed without any announcement.
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