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  1. Personally I wouldn’t mind a yellow (gold?) alternate either. All I’m saying is at least EXPLORE the option. I know many hate the color rush look. Just TRY to pair that jersey with the white (or even blue) pants and the proper color accessories to gauge an ACTUAL reaction.
  2. Quite a few folks have been clamoring for this look for awhile. I mean, they have the jersey, they have similar pants...just do it already! Hmm...maybe wear this combo at Pittsburgh?
  3. Is it me, or would orange socks and shoes make that set look even better?
  4. Came here JUST to share their tweet.
  5. Weezy was probably thinking of THIS song
  6. Since the Dodgers were in “throwbacks” there shouldn’t have been numbers on the front of the jersey (the mothership touched on this). Since they were, I wish the placement was a bit higher. They looked too low. Other than that, no complaints.
  7. And as soon as they do, they go and get swept. SMDH...
  8. About time they wore that jersey
  9. Guess that leak was accurate. Guess some people feel moated right now as well.
  10. Rams and Chargers BOTH get caps inspired by the City of Los Angeles flag...both in team colors and the colors of the flag itself. Slight variations on the design though. Can’t embed since I’m on my iPad but here is the city flag.
  11. Found last year’s Dodgers Players Weekend cap at Marshall’s for ten bucks...I couldn’t pass that up.
  12. I WISH the Dodgers had a Sunday throwback look to their 1960s look: cream home uniform with no sleeve patches (except for special ones of course), thicker numbers positioned correctly, and NNOB.