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  1. Thought it was relevant to the conversation
  2. Facts. I have a Dodgers one (of course) and I usually break it out when the weather is HOT hot. It really does keep my head a bit cooler. Haven’t seen them in the stores lately though. Same with those caps with the earmuffs. I should’ve gotten one when they were available.
  3. And THIS is why I’m staying the Rams (wrong league, I know) will win a Super Bowl with their current identity...and they’ll win it in the much maligned BONE JERSEYS. Also, thank god these are just a mock-up...but don’t give Nike any ideas!
  4. So what’s the story behind this? It’s before my time here obviously...
  5. Yup they’re definitely introducing new threads...hopefully soon.
  6. To be fair - and I can be wrong since I’m about to type something before researching it - but weren’t the original 1950s jerseys worn with a silver helmet? EDIT: MY BAD
  7. With no Pro Bowl, maybe it’s time to lock this thread? The season is over!
  8. Still hoping the Dodgers have a special ring ceremony jersey. I can’t believe it hasn’t even been hinted. But then again, the Azul are still kind of a traditional team.
  9. With two more uniforms to be introduced, the thread will be going on for awhile. I still think the new uniforms will be a yellow one and a white one. And I still like the bone, criticisms be damned. It’s basically another shade of grey in my eyes.
  10. All white with blue striping...complete with white horns on the helmet. It just makes sense.
  11. Guaranteed that’s next in the pipeline. Put a solid stripe on the pants and lose the sleeve numbers and I’m good.
  12. I actually like that. I’d make him aqua though
  13. Just thought this was cool. And to think SOMEONE out there probably has ALL of threes.