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  1. So after the teams are unveiled and the GMs are set, what's the next move?
  2. Everything looks stellar, JCR. Also, lol @ the Stars who have 11 players named Sergei. Must be a confusing locker room at times.
  3. Love NYC. Very intrigued to see what my beloved Toronto will recieve. As a little tip, I really enjoyed their current road uniforms (maybe an unpopular opinion).
  4. Sublime. Expertise. Phenomenal. Exquisite.
  5. HERE IT IS! After a month, the second edition of the Canvas series is released! This was inspired by the Heritage Classic displays, hence the name. It has the newest cut and is ready to use. See below! From this image I traced this... And here's a classy Leafs concept to go with it. It's a bigger template, so you don't need to worry about visual pixelation! Enjoy! You can download it right from this image.
  6. PM me your email and I'll send it to you and @72freebie. I've been hit pretty hard with sickness as soon as I landed in England.
  7. Welp. That's one of the most polite and respectful roasts I've seen in a good while.
  8. This is weird, but all the images are messed up for me. In the place of the Bulldogs logo, the Knights 70s mark appears. In the home uniform spot, their logo appears. The rest of the set is mismatched between Knights or Spiders uniforms and logos. Only the alt is correct. Anyone else seeing it?
  9. Yessir, there is more on the way. I just haven't been able to dedicate much time to it during my vacation (as relaxing as that sounds)....I've just been busy with a lot of things. I have a football one, a soccer one, and another hockey series on the way. The new hockey ones are based off of S2dios incredible series of templates for Illustator and Photoshop. Stay tuned.
  10. I use Paint for recreational stuff like this, Inkscape for serious things.
  11. Well hello there! What? Another template? What! Another template! As a hockey uniform designer, there's nothing more exciting than seeing a brand new template come out. Mostly from guys like Steven Grant, Matt McElroy, and Taylor Roy. I decided I might as well create my own line of templates. I couldn't think of a solid name, like Iceborn or Archtype, but I went with something that most artists of any style can relate to; canvas. The Canvas line brings you the best quality Paint (with .svg to come soon) templates of all styles. Right now I have one finished, but many on the way. Here's numero uno.... It's my first ever template created from scratch. I'm quite happy with how it turned out. It's based on the new Leafs uniforms that were unveiled recently and how Reebok displayed them graphically. As seen below... I also took some stitching inspiration from @McElroy19 and his new full body template. Here's some examples. I'm going to hold on to it for now, but if there's enough request for it, I'll release it. I'm still trying to work out a few kinks, like the collar. Let me know how it looks! UPDATE - AUGUST 6 Herigate Canvas II released! Concept... Enjoy! A football one is on the way! UPDATE - OCTOBER 3 Glory Stage. Show your colours. (Scroll down to post for template)
  12. I love that colour scheme. This will be quite an interesting series.
  13. Whole set looks amazing, but I do have one concern that the green and blue blend. Example, the primary logo on a green back, the only thing I saw right away was the white details. It looks really good, though.
  14. Honestly, that alternate is one of the most beautiful alternates I've ever seen.
  15. Well to keep this series going...here's some fictional teams I've been playing with over the years. Toronto Towers (common name, but it would be cool to see you play with a skyscraper theme) Klaipeda Moose (I used to live in Lithuania, and this is what our university was called) Vancouver Victorias (unique play on words, considering Victoria is the capital of BC, and there's a lot of Victorian influence there) I know two are Canadian, and that's because I live in Canada, so that's an obvious bias for what cities, but any team would cool.
  16. Zurich is defiantly my favourite. But that being said, these are all great! My only nitpick is that Berlins logo on the home uniform is too dark, I can't see it. I know it's for consistency, and for the sake of the series, I'd say keep it. (On a real ice surface, that would be impossible to see)
  17. The Sharks one is a piece of gold. Don't touch that thing ever again. Excellent work!
  18. These all are outstanding. Little hints here and there that seperate the good from the great. And I think you've nailed the great. I DID like the Habs chest stripe, though.
  19. That's a very clean set. I approve, having family living there. Good work.
  20. Oh that's beautiful. My only change would be to make the flag on the red background a different colour, like wheat. That would help with definition. That's only a minor nitpick, though.
  21. I mean use the stripes like Syracuse. Not necessarily the sublimation, but use it to that extent. Sorry if I'm not being clear.
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