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  1. Kings: I'd prefer the black and silver. The team has had the most success with those colours. And Gretzky wore them, which is a big bonus. (I know this is football, but for the sake of a crossover) Habs: Flawless. Except continue the chest stripe to the back. Wild: Flawless. Preds: Ehh. It's good, but there's some inconsistency. The small white lines of the shoulder don't blend well with the bold stripes on the helmet and pants. Maybe do what Syracuse does with small stripes... (look closely at the numbers...)
  2. In the future, and I'm speaking for a lot of designers, will there ever be Paint templates added? I've started to move to Inkscape and Illustrator, but I have a lot of templates that could be very useful for beginners. Considering a lot of beginners start here and their work could look a lot better with the right template. Sorry if this question has already been asked. I couldn't find it anywhere, so I'm assuming that I'm the first to suggest it. I could be wrong. All this being said, it's an amazing template source and the work that was put into it is fantastic.
  3. Yeah they ain't showing up for me. I'm excited to see them though.
  4. Read his last post. He said he'd be away until April.
  5. The update is great. One nitpick...the neck seems a little thin.
  6. Sweet! Glad to see a new league. My only complaint is that the wordmark in the logo seems out of place of the flowing lines of the logo. Maybe just a PL or LP instead of the full name.
  7. It's really good. One nitpick would be to eliminate the little detail on the needle in favour of one line going horizontal. The logo feels bold and broad but the details seem to clutter the top. Do you know what I mean? Sorry if I'm not clear. All in all, it's been a great series.
  8. I really like the logo and the updated colours fit nickname and brand. The bill could maybe be straightened a bit more, considering they use their beak to pierce fish (sometimes, usually they just swallow it up). My aunt lives in New Orleans so naturally I showed her this concept. She really liked it (kudos) but she said the current colours might look better. It fits in with the French heritage and the French Quarter culture. Might be something to think about.
  9. Aha one of my rivals schools in Oakville, Canada is called the STA Raiders (St Thomas Aquinas). Looks good
  10. Its definately stolen, but I don't think it's enough to challenge them on it.
  11. It looks good but the colours aren't the best. I'd suggest a navy blue, their current gold, and some light blue accents (?).
  12. I like all these! The concepts are good. I'd like to see some more. Maybe uniforms or a jersey swap, or something along that line. Just one helmet seems too little. The presentation style is clean and good-looking.
  13. Let it die, man. Let it die.
  14. Please. You're scaring the children. As far as criticism goes, I have some. I apologize if I come across as rude now but I'm going to be honest here. The fonts aren't good. Conrad makes amazing fonts for all to use. Check it out in the Concept Resorces thread (it's pinned). The logos aren't logos. I appreciate the effort but it doesn't work. The example of the Sonic head is great. Utilize that and the correct colours, and I think that would look sharp. The uniform designs aren't great. Some are better than others, but some are random and the colours don't blend together. The execution. Loose pixels, empty space everywhere. There are many good templates around, I can even provide some if you need me to. Take the critism, even if it's rude. Those people will come to. Don't be rude back to them. Trust me, I've been roasted and called out before too. I had some crappy designs that I thought were good, and I paid the price. I left the boards for awhile and now I'm back, with refined skills, and my designs are praised and people help me to be better. Look at my NHL by Adidas thread, my Sens concept received negative feedback, but those people aren't being rude or mean. They're being honest. I appreciate that. If the concept sucks, it sucks. Tell me. Just being rude right back will only aggravate the situation.
  15. Um Mexico has arenas. They have a national hockey team. They suck, but they still have an arena.
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